Since X-treme X-men has ended....

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What do you think Dazz will be up to? Rejoin the X-men? Tell me your theories or what you would like to see.

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I was unhappy about X-treme getting cancelled, there was alot more to do.
She narrowly avoided the events of AvX, so with the way things are unfolding, like more mutant children, the younger selves of the first 5 (Cyclops, Jean, Iceman, Beast Angel), Cyclops more of a wanker, Emma Frost with no telepathy and the phoenix 5 and Cyclops killing Xavier. Ali has missed out quite a bit since Xtreme Xmen.
I love her, and I bet she will join Fearless defenders sometime down the track. I would like that alot. IShe needs to get used more!

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She is gonna play a role as in Uncanny X-Men. It gonna involve her and SHIELD. It was already confirmed by Lowe.

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well after that little talk with cyclops when she came back to 616 in that one issue i was hoping that she would join cyclops team and YES she will be in uncanny x-men as of issue 6. so excited. i know she is working with shield but still that wont last long, she will eventually end up with the uncanny team. dazzler, agent of shield. my girl is BACK!

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She's joining SHIELD to spy/gather intel on Cyclops' school.

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