Power overload?

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If she was dealing with a sonic mutant, could they over load her? Like Siryn or Banshee. Has this happend?
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The sound aspect of her power is rarely seen.  She just continues to absorb sound.  If she was struck by Siryn's sonic lance, then I suspect it would be like your or I being hit by water from a hose pipe.  It would deflect off (or in her case be absorbed), but the excessive amounts of energy would deflect off.  After that, she could use the excessive energy to convert it into more light & attack.  It wouldn't be very efficient attacking her with sound.

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it could be like rouge in the episode of the 90s cartoon when she grabbed juggernaut but his power was too much for her to handle, just cause she can absorb it doesnt mean she has no limits, as with your water hose anology some would deflect off but if the pressure is increased like going up to a fire hose it could do some damage
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@joshmightbe: That's the first time I've seen anyone try to use X-Men: The Animated Series as the grounds for Earth-616 logic.  That seen was awful, there was no reason for her to be covered in strange crackling energy & scream... but it was just a kids cartoon, and I have it on DVD so I shouldn't be too critical ;) 
I can't see how Dazzler could become overloaded with sound.  She would be expel it as light.  The worse that could happen is that her own hearing is effected, but she doesn't rely on her hearing to absorb sound.
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i was just using as an example of power overload im fully aware that the comics and the animated series are vastly different that scene was just the first thing that came to mind to illastrate my point im not claiming it to be cannon
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Well, if a better image is needed, think of the x-men civil war cross over and cyke blasted bishop, it almost killed bishop cause he couldn't absorb all the energy that cyke produced.
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The most I've seen Dazzler come to being "overloaded" (artistically, anyway) was in X-Men #10 when she turns up the volume in Mojo's studio.  The light shimmers and cascades off her skin, not just the usual sparkles she gives off.  It's one of my favorite Dazzler moments and just a really good image.  Oddly enough, though, I can't find it on the net. :(

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Once she absorbed the scream of Black Bolt to fight the Absorbing Man.  She had to struggle to maintain control. 

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@HeroineAddict said:
"Once she absorbed the scream of Black Bolt to fight the Absorbing Man.  She had to struggle to maintain control.  "

wait, she absorbed BB's Scream? Wouldn't the force of the scream kill her her, or destroy everything else around her?
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The scream was aimed directly at her.  And Ali's power does work by sound absorbsion so the surrounding area was safe.  And because Black Bolt's voice is so powerful Ali had to struggle to take it all in.  Back then Ali couldn't store sound, she had to take it as it came.  So Black Bolt screamed or shouted until Ali could take down A-Man.  The story took place in a couple of old issues of Dazzler but I can't remember the numbers or the precise details.  Anyway, if Ali could survive Black Bolt then Banshee and Syrin would be a breeze. She actually absorbed Klaw at one time.  Not his sound, Klaw himself.   Now, one does wonder what would happen if she absorbed the sound of Angarr The Screamer.  His sound is supposed to drive people crazy.  Could Dazz take it no problem?  Or would it be like taking a drug?
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There is no limit to the amount of sound Alison can absorb anymore. Ever since Dazzler: The Movie graphic novel, she can also store sound inside of her body for later use, and Charles Xavier equipped her with technology to help her store sound and allow her to gauge the amount of power she uses more accurately (Dazzler #38). Now, if someone like Songbird attacked her maybe it would be different because those are physical constructs, however Klaw had similar powers and she merely absorbed his entire being when she was kidnapped by Project Pegasus. Dazzler's hearing is not affected at all by loud souds since she can absorb them, just like her eyes are not bothered by the light she can manipulate or other sources of light. Another thing Dazzler can do is release the sound withot transducing it into a sonic scream (Dazzler #42). She's also absorbed the sounds of Black Bolt's voice with concentration so no extra sound escaed, however this was when she was a novice. She probably could handle it a lot easier now. So basically... Siryn or Banshee's sonics would prove no problem for Dazzler. I think she issue with Black Bolt was Dazzler number 18, if I'm not mistaken, in reply to HeroineAddict. Also check out the issues when she was briefly used by Galactus, his machines found even in her debut period of the early 80s that she is essentially what we call now an omega level mutant. 
Basically... Dazzler can kick some major @$$ if she wanted to. She seems limited by her own moral codes or insecurities, something Claremont did to her when she first joined the X-Men. I assume her role in New Excalibur was his way of rectifying the weak Alison he showcased, because she never seemed so self pitying in her solo book. What I really want to see is writers explore her supposed immortality she featured in New Excalibur, the only thing I can think of is she is composed of sound, a la Iceman being Ice and able to reform himself if shattered, she can reconstitute herself provided there is sound. So I guess you can only il Dazzler in a Black Hole.
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yeah, im getting the whole "she is the strongest mutant" idea. i never realised how powerful she was, they never really seemed to showcase her, she always seemed pushed to the side. my bad, i respect her powers alot more now.

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