I want the heroine not the singer. Well, actually BOTH!

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Singing, dancing, kicking butt and lookin' good while I do it.

My biggest wish is Dazzler gets to join a team where she can be BOTH a performer and a heroine. Where she can be an actual player in the MARVEL universe and can still enjoy the best of BOTH her worlds.   Obviously that's not going to happen on the Sonny & Cher...I'm sorry...Scott and Emma Show.

No posing in the background. No fluff pieces like a sing down with a super villain or a pie happy ex-boyfriend. Ali gets to have the same serious danger, drama and adventure as ANY other MARVEL character worthy of the name. Just let her enjoy her personal career to the point where the writer can actually focus on the more heroic aspects of her character. The woman's an X-Man, a former freedom fighter, and a former member of Excalibur. She's battle hardened enough to be as formidable as she is "fluffy."   She just needs a proper outlet.

Seriously, who buys Spider-Man to just to see Peter Parker take pictures? Or DareDevil just to see Matt Murdock practice law? Or Thor to see Don Blake fix a boo boo? No they are bought because we want to see them in their costumes BEING heroes. Is it too much to ask the same thing for Dazzler? I say thee, nay!

In fact I wish she'd get to join a team made up of cult favorites. Dazzler, Storm, Psylocke, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Iceman and a couple of others with a steadfast and loyal following.

I honestly think a book featuring the cults would work. Fans of Colossus will buy it for Colossus, or for Dazzler, or for Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Storm and so on. Or just fans of the X-Men in general. It should work. Just get a good writer who will give each character the same amount of attention that will let them grow and develop. Come up with a logical reason for this group to be together and a specific purpose that lets them stand apart from the other X-Teams.

Example: Storm and the others have a serious falling out with Scott & Emma. They quit and return to the States to plan their next move. Something happens and our cults now have their own world to play in. They become part of the community they are trying to protect and thus these heroes earn the trust of the locals.

Storm's (obvioulsy she'll be the leader) X-Men will fight for peaceful co-existence by actually co-existing with homo-sapian humanity. No clandestine mentalities like before. No hiding behind a school or on an island. This group is like the FF and the Avengers and will operate out in the open.

With Scott and his mutant army you have a fight for survival. With Storm and her group you have a fight for hope.

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