Has Dazzler always been so powerful?

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I'm really liking X-Treme X-Men and Dazzler in particular but has she always been so powerful? The other X-Men treat her like kind of a joke but some of the stuff I've seen would put her in omega territory, I mean she floored a Thor. I remember the AoA version being pretty powerful but i thought the 616 one was weak in comparison.

Any thoughts?

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I actually just went on a mini rant about her not even 2 weeks ago on a post asking if anyone thought she had the potential to ever be an A-lister. It's way too much to repost here, but if you wanna jump over and check it out, I give my opinion on why I feel she's underrated and her potential.

In short, I think she's awesome, and I faintly remember her being referred to as having Omega level potential.

I haven't picked-up the recent X-Treme books, but I'm glad to hear she may finally be getting some decent recognition. I'll be picking them up to see exactly how well she'd being handled.

Hope this treatment of her raises her from third tier X-Men to an A-lister. Too often she's handled as a gimmick... borderline joke even.

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Dazzler has always been a powerful character. In recent years however the writers have not been treating her as such (namely Fraction. ) Other than this X-treme X-men series another good issue with Dazzler treated as a powerful character was her one-shot by Mccann.

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Pretty much, after that stunt in her former series where she listened to the sound of an exploding galaxy/universe or something of the sort, to further transcend her mortal body and into something composed of, i dunno, raw light, she's always had the potential within her, and yes, sadly, because she's Dazzler, she is treated like a big joke. Little doe they know, she, like a selected amount of others, possesses Omega Level Potential.

Greg Pak knows how to bring neglected female comic-book characters back into the forefront, and he's doing wonders with Dazzler, even made me place her in my top three fave X-Characters.

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I haven't read extreme, but I have little knowledge of this character in comics, aside from her doing light shows.

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