Does She Have the Potential to Become an A-Lister?

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If pushed hard enough and if the new X-Treme book proves successful do you think that Alison could ever become an A-list character (or at least solid B-list) or will she forever be stuck in the doldrums of obscurity?

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i like dazzler , idk why people put her down. she is alot better than jubliee yet she has a big fanbase

while i was hoping X-treme X-men stuck with alternate reality x-characters , its good she is featured in a book , especially this one(im a big exiles fan so this is its spiritual successor) . this will not make her a A-lister but at least she is in the lime light for now .lol

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Not a chance

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No, I think Dazzler is a fun character who should be used more, but the moment she became an X-Man any chance of being an A lister flew out the window.

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a-lister x-men yes.

A lister marvel universe?no.

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She'd have to be fleshed out a lot more.

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I think she'd break out more as an Avenger

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@Lea_Drago: Well, she is very powerful in her own right so she really should get more respect, Dazzler seems to have TWO settings: Overpowered or underappreciated. And it's bad either way!

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Considering what is going on in the Extreme book, she's pretty powerful. So I say yes, Dazzler has the potential to become an A lister, just like any other character in the Marvel Universe. Get them a great writer/artist/story and cohesive and intriguing development, and whammo -bammo -- there you go. A-Lister.

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she can't even be an a-lister x-men. If marvel was gonna kill her off for shock value, it would be her.She won't be popular as emma frost.

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Yes, Dazzler definitely has the ability to be an A-Lister, because she was in the supremely awesome 6-man X-Men arcade machine:

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Dazzler is a great character and is extremely underrated. She is a very powerful character. She just needs to be written properly. She has plenty of back ground and story. to work on. She is the only female x-man that ever had an ongoing solo title that went more than twelve issues. Of course that was before she joined the x-men. If you hadn't read that series check it out. It is a fun read for Dazzler fans.

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I love dazzler... she she seems to have an ongoing fascination and fanbase, and certainly was one of the first characters I related to when I was younger, considering Im a singer myself. She has a great deal of power, but I think that her lack of motive to be a superhero keeps her out of the big leagues. shes not unfriendly, but not ever looking to be affiliated with any team for a long enough time to become established. I'm sure someone could put her in a movie (they almost did...thank goodness THAT didnt happen!) and utterly destroy her reputation forever. The problem with her being so closely tied to music is that it causes her appearance to be rendered "trendy" by whoever is drawing her at the time... thus making it difficult for new readers to dig someone who seems to represent the music their parents listened to. Id love to see more of dazzler appear with self the meantime...i'll keep reppin her on the streets!


Stay Strange!

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BWHAHAHAHAH (just a little evil on that) thanks!!!! thats got more jolt then a cup of coffee!

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She was an A-lister back in the day, heck she and her series was the one to break out of the norm of how comics were perceived and socially accepted!

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Oh God No!

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I'm actually a huge fan of Alison, and underdog characters in general, so I'm about to go on a rant. You've been warned, lol.

I absolutely believe she has the potential to be an A-List character, and not just within the X-Men but within the Marvel Universe. Let's not forget that's how she started. Long before she was ever an X-Men she was out on her own going up against some of the toughest the Marvel Universe has to offer. She might not have always come out on top, but she never backed down.

She's been referred to several times by numerous characters and writers as being quite powerful, or having the potential for it. If I'm remembering correctly, I vaguely recall her being referred to as possibly having the potential to be Omega level. For the life of me, I can't remember where I might have read that, so admittedly, it might be wishful thinking. Over the course of her career, she's been offered membership in several teams. Many of which she turned down. This includes the ALL Mighty Avengers...

If you just think about her power set, she's almost always down played by writers. Every now and then someone might do her a little justice, but for the most part, they show her no respect. Just recently, in a battle against a legion of vampires, she was portrayed as being useless after the vampires got a hold of some magical amulets that protected them from otherwise deadly light. I can understand that part of the equation. The problem that I have with this is that she's more resourceful than that. She can do so much more with her powers than simply shine some light. Just off the top of my head, her powers allow her to create force fields, shoot lasers, create hard light constructs, mute her surroundings, create holograms, release stored sound, release blinding blasts of light, shine, hypnotize, induce calm or cause vertigo, limited flight, use other forms of light energy like microwave energy, invisibility, heightened sense of hearing, echolocation and more. Using these powers in different ways should make her quite resourceful and powerful... instead she's more often portrayed way below her potential.

Even taking her powers out of the equation, she's a fairly decent fighter through her training with the Gladiators, X-Men and various other groups. Not to mention everything she's been through on her own... and she can sing too!

Back when Mystique had an ongoing book as an operative for Xavier, I thought it would be fun if someone wrote a "Charlie's Angel's/Danger Girl/Mission Impossible" type of book with an X-Women twist consisting of characters suited for that kind of work like Shadowcat, Mystique, Sage, Psylocke and especially Dazzler. Unfortunately, I feel if the did make this book, they would make it more tongue in cheek than take it seriously.

If she can get some decent face time with a writer that cares enough about her, then she can really shine.

Here's hoping she gets some respect in her new series

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@BloodyFlix: I know this is late but: well done, i co-sign this 100%

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Yes; but she would need a writer than can give her a consistent character arc, perhaps remove the limits of her powers (I think non-fans would be confused by the sound transduction aspects of her powers - this could be an element but not a limit) and do something about the fact that her greatest character trait, i.e. singing, performing and music, just don't translate that well (if at all) into a purely visual medium.

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