salarymanjam's Dazzler #1 - In The Blood; Reflections; Tough Call review

No Dazzle, but the skates are still there

Right before I picked this up, the guy in the shop asks, "you read the 80s stuff?", to which I replied "yep, they were terrible."
And they were terrible, but I understand what Marvel was trying to do with Dazzler back then and how she really didn't have a chance in the end. She was even going to be a fulltime new member of the X-Men after Beast and her had a thing, but it never happened.
This new one-shot might be like that. I guess Jim McCann and the creative team behind this wanted to bring the sudden end of the first Dazzler run and link it up (without us noticing two decades of sporadic appearances) to the future, which they have achieved. Old enemies are mentioned and, as you can tell from the cover, Dazzler gets to enjoy her old costume once again. But I am not sure nostalgia was enough here.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the trip down memory lane if anything. However, the one thing this issue is unable to do is show us where the excitement or staying power of Dazzler in any new issues will come from. That's where this one-shot falls down. Fair enough, a one time issue has to wrap up everything so the story has an ending, but what are we supposed to take away from this? I don't quite know.
On the plus side, the art was great and I liked the writing. The cover blew me away, and for a one-shot I think the story is well paced.

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Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Love your title for the review. I also agree the 80 book was terrible but, in your review it seemed that it was a moderate one shot. So, I was excited for this issue but, now I am Meh.... on the issue because of what you told me. But, I am still going to pick it up.

Posted by preffertiri

Right on re: Dazzler's staying power.  It's one thing to re-cap and say "how amazing!" she was -- it's another thing altogether to show how Dazzler works at all as a solo-act outside of nostalgia in the here and now.  This book didn't capture the latter. 
It's even worse than the constant "Phoenixification" of Jean Grey... and we all know how far that has gotten her recently, aside from revisionist/out-of-continuity books and her "mythical" nature in the here and now. 
Dazzler fought Dr. Doom once back in 1981: great. 
She is a "strong, capable womyn" like every other Marvel heorine is marketed.  Fabbo. 
Now what?

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