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No Dazzle, but the skates are still there 0

Right before I picked this up, the guy in the shop asks, "you read the 80s stuff?", to which I replied "yep, they were terrible."  And they were terrible, but I understand what Marvel was trying to do with Dazzler back then and how she really didn't have a chance in the end. She was even going to be a fulltime new member of the X-Men after Beast and her had a thing, but it never happened.  This new one-shot might be like that. I guess Jim McCann and the creative team behind this wanted to bring ...

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Review: Dazzler One Shot 0

 Will Dazzler dazzle you in this one shot issue?    The Good I was really looking forward to this issue after I heard that Jim McCann would be writing it, being that he is such a fan of the character. McCann has a solid grasp of Dazzler's character and the relationship she has with her sister, Lois. While the issue does start out somewhat slow, (I am not a fan of L.A. nightclub scenes, but I realize that it is a part of her character) it definitely picks up toward the middle and gets you...

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Rock on! 0

Dazzler One-Shot Necrosha Aftermath This was definitely a great book that focused on a pretty underrated mutant from the   I know that a lot of people may not even know dazzler unless they read the books of old.   She was missing from mainstream continuity for a long time and seemed like a charicature instead of a character often times.   Realy, who wants to read a book that features an 80’s pop diva that turns sound into light?   Dazzler was a character that debuted after disco died and didn't...

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Dazzler Dazzles 0

I have had a small obsession with Dazzler since I was a young boy in the eighties.  I was very afraid that Dazzler once again having her own series would be like the horrible series she started with. Thank god this was different. The Good- We finally get to see something past the confused character used throughout her past.  Dazzler always had trouble dealing with being a mutant, a singer and a possible lawyer.  In the past this conflict was played over many times, but with no results.  She neve...

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Essential Dazzler Vol. 3? 0

Really?  Anyone who's followed Dazzler (also known as the scant few who bought this comic) would already know what "Dazzler #1" offers: a boring re-cap of the fact that "at one time, somewhere, Dazzler mattered!"  We got this years ago with the "Beyond the Music" tongue-in-cheek re-cap of the Dazzler series, featuring -- you guessed it -- Dr. Doom, the Enchantress, and the other "big bads" and conveniently placed "guest stars" of the early series.  That may have been a salient re-cap then, but s...

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GO for it! 0

It seems very few comic book fans respect and love Allison Blaire like I do - thankfully writer Jim McCann is one of those people! An aspiring singer and entertainer who is gifted (or cursed) with mutant powers, Ali has done her damnedest to stay true to herself by not being swept away or under the rug by Hollywood life or mutant hysteria. With this one-shot, fans and new readers catch up with the Dazzler as she comes to grips with her responsibilities to her family, her career, her powers, and ...

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dazzler oneshot 0

as the resident dazzler fanboy i figured i should write a review of this the story i really liked. it pulled in a lot of elements from the dazzler's original series and her time with the x-men. you can tell the writer was a dazzler fan. ali kicks some major butt in this comic and also deals with some loose plot threads in her life. i liked the art as well. i am not real familar the pencilers. there was more than one. but would not be adverse to seeing their work again. the back up story is less ...

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