jakob187's Daytripper #9 - Chapter Nine: Dream review

Daytripper #9 - The jakob187 Review

W-O-W!  Very few times does a single issue of a comic series, let alone a limited run series, leave you completely flabbergasted and lost for words.  After what seemed like a couple of ho-hum issues, issue #9 of Daytripper throws the reader for a loop that completely defies everything the book has seemingly been about and grips you by the balls.  At the same time, it puts into perspective exactly what the book has truly been about and leaves goosebumps forming on your arm and questions lingering in your mind. 
Trying to find the words to review issue #9 will prove difficult, as the issue in its entirety is difficult to discuss without giving away way too much.  It is an interesting twist of events, as telling people "Bras dies at the end of every issue" was never much of a spoiler with the first eight issues.  With that said, it would almost seem like I am saying "Bras does not die at the end of issue #9".  Oddly enough, the end of the issue is actually quite ambiguous.  More interestingly, the title of the chapter itself plays very much into the issue, from start to finish...all the way to the very last words of the last page. 
The big thing the issue does is make you look back on the past eight and realize that the journey you thought you were on is exactly the journey you have been on: understanding the importance of life.  However, the issue does something amazing by offering that same simple lesson in the terms of "what is life versus being alive". 
You know what?  I literally cannot write a review for this issue.  It's impossible, simply impossible.  It's an issue that demands to just be read and taken in for what it is.  It feels as though this is the end of the story, but with one issue left, I am more than curious to see where the last issue will lead us.  Will questions be answered?  With resolution be found?  Will more questions be presented?  Personally, I can't wait...and hopefully your anticipation will very much be the same.


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