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Daytripper #8 - The jakob187 Review

After reading issue #8 in Daytripper, one thing rang certain:  an issue without Bras just doesn't hold the same weight.  With this journey that Vertigo, Fabio Moon, and Gabriel Ba have been taking us on, there have been plenty of emotional valleys.  This is the lower of those valleys, and I would go so far as to say that it's too stereotypical of a pull on the heartstrings to really gain any form of true emotional response from.  We've seen this done a million times before, and there is nothing truly unique to this version that makes it different. 
Issue #8 feels very much the same way that #7 did - a straight pick-up from the last issue.  While the disjointed continuity between the issues offers the ability to carry over some characters and add depth to Bras' world, the last three issues have pulled too hard from its previous.  This has led to a more streamlined form of continuity, and sadly, it makes it lack much of the emotional core that the first four issues had in them.  Moreover, Bras is never in the issue except through notes he leaves his wife and child, and rather the issue focuses solely on how difficult it can be when your author of a husband and/or father is out on the road doing book tours for long stretches of time. 
At this point, Daytripper #8 turns into the stereotypical mush of "I miss him" and "hey, here's a little piece of so-called poetry that I left behind" and "my dad is never around, I miss him" stuff that we always see.  Between Moon and Ba, I would think that they could come up with something better in terms of both dialogue and images to tell this story.  The colors aren't nearly as striking in this issue as well, which is a disappointment as the series has been some of Ba's best work. 
Overall, the last three issues have been something of a letdown.  The excitement from the first five issues was that they were drastically different time periods in Bras' life, offering very dynamic looks at his life experiences.  It's what made his deaths at the end of each issue really stand out, thus making his life stand out as well.  The last three issues have felt like little more than pandering to the possibilities of stereotypical heartstring tugging.  Despite the rather unexpected and crazy ending of issue #7, I find issue #8 to be disappointing as a whole and unnecessary in many ways...or maybe I'm just missing the point.

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