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Daytripper #7 - The jakob187 Review

Out of all the Daytripper issues so far, issue #7 definitely ranks as the most "WTF" issue of a comic series I've read in a while.  Don't worry, the gimmick of the story is still there, but the way the gimmick is handled just doesn't really seem to fit the series as a whole.  As a matter of fact, as an issue, it's pretty barebones on anything happening other than explanations. 
At the end of issue #6, Bras' longtime friend Jorge ends up claiming that he's not coming back home, that he's found his tropic island paradise.  That issue took place during the age of 33, so now we skip forever to the age of 38.  In all honesty, it seems as though this issue does run on the same timeline and basis as issue #6, which would be a first for the series beyond just adding little coincidences from previous issues into the next.  We find Bras going to find Jorge, as he gets a mystery postcard with very minimal writing on it.  When he arrives, he starts to learn about Jorge's visit there, as well as the events that unfolded to his disappearance.  Bras won't give up on friendship, and he ends up finding Jorge.  The events after that take an incredibly crazy turn, and I'm just completely incapable of understanding it all other than just potential shock value from Moon & Ba. 
The art in this issue is some of the best in the series so far, as it allows Ba the opportunity to draw exotic locales while also play around with very different expressions for people than he's had in previous issues.  The end of the issue, which I again point out is an incredibly crazy turn, is made all the more manic by Ba's excellent art.  There's not a whole lot of dialogue (even voiceover), but there doesn't need to be.  Moon's work is made easy when you've got work like this coming from Ba. 
Still, there's very little attachment in this issue if you haven't read issue #6, which is where the problem kicks in.  Daytripper, as a series, is something where you can pick up any one issue and it will impact you.  You don't need the previous issues to "get it".  Issue #7 is not a very good standalone issue, as you have to get into issue #6 to understand the desperation of Bras trying to find his friend. 
Set that aside, and the issue shows yet again the quality that Moon & Ba have brought to the table with Daytripper.  We've got three more issues, and I've got a feeling it's going to be a doozy.


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