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Daytripper #5 - The jakob187 Review

Now that we've had some time to see what Daytripper has to offer us, as well as the tricks that Fabio Moon uses so well to tell his stories, I knew that this was going to be quite an interesting issue when I heard "in issue #5, Bras is 11 years old".  The fact of knowing that every issue ends with Bras' death mixed with the fact that he's 11 makes for a potentially gut-wrenching issue. 
While #5 does have that "jerk a tear" moment at the end of the book, the issue itself features very little actual dialogue.  Moon has used a third-person perspective narrative in the last four issues in a very slight-but-effective way, especially with the first issue.  The irony that Bras was a obituary writer and that it read as though someone was reading an obituary worked well for that issue.  In issue #5, though, it doesn't fit as well.  There's a little bit of the innocence of children lost in someone telling us how Bras was feeling.  There was a little less of a personal flair, and in turn, it very much feels like you are taken outside and forced to look through the glass at what is happening.  By the time the book ends, you'll jerk a tear, but Moon could've very easily and effectively instead written the part of Bras and its surrounding characters to create a more personal and impactful story that led to a tragically ball-like-a-sissy ending. 
That is where the issue starts to come up with issue #5 for me.  How much longer can a series go when you know that your main character is going to meet his demise at the end of every issue?  The interconnectivity of characters between issues is still an interesting thing to watch, but what is going to continue to make me care about Bras' death when I know it's coming?  It becomes less about life and more about seeing how he dies, and that starts to defeat the purpose of what Moon and Ba try to do here. 
All in all, the issue read well, although it literally has 2-3% dialogue in the entire thing.  You are being narrated through these events, not sucked into them.

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