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Daytripper #10 - The jakob187 Review

Coming into the last issue of Daytripper was much like all other "last issues":  a sense of sadness and joy mixed together followed by the realization that this was it.  Moon and Ba took us on a fantastic journey of ups and downs, but could the last issue live up to last nine?  Ladies and gentlemen, the last issue of Daytripper will go down (at least for this reviewer) as easily being one of the best last issues possible.  It's a tearjerker at times, leaves goosebumps on your arms at other times, and it teaches you one great lesson.  The meaning of life is simple - you just live it. 
With that said, I will take that same lesson with this review and keep it simple:  this is a great issue, hard to review because of how profound it can be, and generally wraps the book up very well.  Elaborating a review beyond that for this issue is unnecessary.  Read it and enjoy.

Posted by Dark Noldor

Don´t you think that issue # 9 was totally different from all the other ones? It made me realize that Bras is in a stage of constant dreaming, like a dream within a dream.

Posted by jakob187

Issue #9 was completely different, but that's because it made me think that issue #10 is the only one that takes place in any form of reality.  The rest all take place in dreams and have a form of surrealist moral lesson to them.  I would imagine that going through the struggle of cancer, dealing with all these treatments, and looking back on all these mistakes you made and continued to regret your entire life - never feeling like you lived up to what your father wanted you to be, the fear of becoming a father, the loss of a good friend, the loss of love and finding love elsewhere, etc etc - all of the things we saw in the first nine issues was literally him dreaming of his life and the regrets he had.  Issue #10, to me at least, is him realizing that life is full of regrets, but you cannot harp on those.  You have to become okay with the idea that you are mortal, that you will die, in order to truly appreciate the life you are given, the people around, and the ability to grip your regrets and say "I will not let you control me". 
It was an incredibly beautiful issue to me.  There's a couple of panels where he tells his wife that he refuses to go through any more treatments, and just the emotion in those panels...having to tell the woman you love that you are okay with death and accepting your fate, even if it means that you are leaving her, then seeing her realizing that and the reaction...that is always an incredibly powerful scene to me.  It's one of the reasons I have difficulties watching films like Big Fish (maybe because of Jessica Lange's perfect delivery of the line "I don't think I'll ever dry out") or What Dreams May Come (when he gets to Hell and realizes that he can't save his wife's soul, she doesn't even remember him, and that he'll have to hope for something in an afterlife)...  That stuff breaks me down to tears so easily. 
Funny enough, I wrote more just in this comment than I could in the entire review.  It's a thoroughly impossible issue to review in my eyes, as the issue itself forces you to go back and re-read the entire run to thoroughly appreciate what Moon and Ba have done with this book.  Bravo to them for breaking boundaries and making a truly heartfelt story unfold.

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