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Daydreamer is one of the Young Gods, human beings evolved by the Celestials. Daydreamer, originally Catherine Moranis, was born in 19th century Ottawa, Canada and was chosen as a fine specimen of humanity offered by the Goddesses of the Earth to the Celestials. She was among a dozen humans who had been selected for possessing a particular quality that exemplified humanities potential for greatness. In exchange for the Young Gods the Celestial Arishem the Judge would find Earth favorable and Daydreamer along with the Young Gods would depart Earth with the Celestials. Aboard the Celestial Mothership she would be mentored by Juniper.     


Daydreamer is a Marvel comic book character created by Mark Gruenwald, Ralph Macchio and Keith Pollard. She first appears in Thor vol. 1 #300 released in October, 1980.  

Character Evolution

Daydreamer is a member of the Young Gods, alongside many others such as Bright Sword, Caduceus, Calculus, Moonstalker, Genii, Harvest, Highnote, Mindsinger, Sea Witch, Splice, Varua. The twelve share many similarities. All twelve were ordinary humans chosen by the Goddesses of Earths pantheons under the direction of the Elder Goddess Gaea. All twelve were chosen as for representing a certain particular ideal of humanity. Moonstalker for example hunting. All twelve were created to serve in a story that came into fruition starting with Thor #300, which dealt with various Earth pantheons confrontations with the mysterious Jack Kirby creations the Celestials.    

Powers and Abilities

Daydreamer is a powerful psychic. Her powers would include telepathy, limited precognition, mind control and the ability to create and project images based on the thoughts of others.

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