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Daydream was conceived when Nightmare forced himself on Betty Ross-Banner in a dream while she slept, as part of a long term revenge plot against the Hulk. Nightmare would attempt to cultivate a hatred for humans and humanity in his daughter. Putting her into an amnesiac state Nightmare relocates Daydream to Earth where she adopts the name Gwen. Gwen would go on to become a singer and eventually associated with a man named Ripley. Falling in love with Ripley would earn her fathers ire and he would attack her in the form of Thunderbolt Ross. Reawakening with her memory recovered she would confront her father with the Hulk's aid and both would destroy the General Ross Nightmare form. Daydream would return to her dimension.        


Daydream is a Marvel comics character that was created by Peter David and Lee Weeks. The character first appears in The Incredible Hulk #77.

Powers and Abilities

Daydream possesses similar powers to Nightmare albeit on a lesser scale as she is human. Daydream possesses the ability to enter the dreams and day dreams of humans and within this realm she can reshape things at her will. This realm Daydream can teleport to at her will.        
Physical Characteristics (Daydream) 
Height: 5' 6" 
Weight: 118 lbs 
Eyes: Green 
Hair: Green  
Physical Characteristics (Gwen) 
Height: 5' 6" 
Weight: 118 lbs 
Eyes: Grey 
Hair: Black 

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