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Empress Daydra hailed from the Sagitarius solar system. When she was a very young girl the entity calling himself the Galaxy Master came to her home world and ravaged its civilizations, almost destroying it completely. It was during this time that the young Daydra first learned of the Earth champion, the monstrous Incredible Hulk. Several years later, the Galaxy Master returned and threatened Daydra's home world once more. At this return he had employed the use of the Abomination a Gamma powered enemy of the Hulk to achieve his ends. Now an adult Daydra took action and gathered three powerful interstellar warriors together: Amphibian, Torgo and Dark-Crawler. Naming the three warriors the Hulk-Hunters, she sent them to Earth to enlist the aid of the Hulk to fight on her behalf against the Abomination and stop the Galaxy Master.

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