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After trying to take over heaven, Asmodel was put in hell and is tortured by Neron. Rhyming demon Etrigan makes an offer with Asmodel. The Spectre is waiting for another soul to bond with, and Etrigan says he can bond Asmodel with the Spectre. Etrigan summons the Spectre. The Spectre kills Asmodel, Etrigan then uses Asmodel's ashes to merge Asmodel with the Spectre. Asmodel bonded with the Spectre then gets his vengeance on Neron, turning him into glass. He then summons all of hell and attempts to have his vengeance by destroy everything in God's image, until there is only his. On earth, some of the heroes try to stop him but their first attempt is futile and they are easily overpowered. Next, the Sentinels of Magic attempt to stop him.The Sentinels divide in three groups one to find Jim Corrigan in Heaven,free hell and protect Earth from the forces who threathen it.However the heaven and te hell team fail.At heaven the angel Micheal guides them to find a new host of Spectre, Micheal chooses Hal Jordan because he save the world by reigniting the sun when he was Spectre.

Seeing a chance to redeem himself Hal accepts the offer.They return with him and other heroes who were killed to aid them.Captain Marvel with the spear of destiny was in the battle.At hell thehe magician Faust sacrifices his pure soul to free hell from its prison by killing the Enchantress. They are able to temporarily steal a portion his power and store it in a crystal ball. Weakened, Asmodel sends the demons of hell to try and break the crystal ball, so Asmodel can regain his powers. Although powerless, Asmodel is still able to silence the Phantom Stranger. When Etrigan tries to take the ball, Madame Xanadu claims to have seen the future and breaks the crystal ball willingly. With his powers restored, Asmodel continues on his rampage. Hal Jordan attempts to stop him but is seemingly powerless against Asmodel and is turned into stained glass. Hal Jordan is revived by Dr. Fate and along with the Sentinels of Magic, summons the Green Lantern corp. who holds Asmodel off for a while. Captain Marvel then uses the Spear of Destiny to weaken the Spectre. Hal Jordan tries to merge with the Spectre. A fight between Asmodel, Neron, and Hal ensues. They are stopped by the Spirit of Vengeance who decides to judge them and pick the best host. It chooses Hal Jordan who becomes the new host for the Spectre. Hal says it is his punishment for doing such bad deeds during his time as Parallax.The Spectre accepts Hal and everything is back to normal.However the defeated Neron is stripped of his rank and now is demoted to a rhymer.

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