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It is revealed Lucifer has offices in a phallic New York skyscraper where Raksas is awaiting an audience with Lucifer or Minister  Daevas as he is known. Raksas enters his entirely sparse office and continues his lie of watching the broadcasts. Lucifer stands with his back to Raksas the while time he questions him, viewing the skyline. 
When he turns his face has IDIOT written across the forehead and 3 Dawn-like tears painted below his left eye. Phased Raksas continues to praise Lucifer's actions without question. Lucifer allows him to leave saying theres a woman outside waiting for him. As he leaves he finds Lucifer's secretary reduced to a bloody mess as Dawn decapitates him. 
Dawns left eye flames but has no effect on Lucifer but her sword does as she cuts his cheek. She challenges him why he is killing all her witches. He claims its because there is so much psychic energy here and the more non believers he removes the more there are for him. He laments his separation from God and expresses his love. God arrives and takes back Lucifer with a kiss saying he just wanted to hear him say it. 
Dawn is angered that Lucifer has seemingly brought  God down to his level rather than aspiring to Gods. Petty as ever god sends Lucifer to heaven's gates as he explains himself to Dawn. He hold out is hand to her to part as friends. Instead she removes it with her sword. 
Bonus Story: The Angel and the Mermaid.







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