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We see what happened during the gap in time when Dawn faded from reality in the alley way. 
As Dawn travels to Ilmarinen she first encounters The Atrocity (a being who can cross planes as only she and Death can. He holds the keys to the doors that allow this form of passage and any other being has to barter with him to move as such) a maudlin character who she hurries past. 
Ilmarinen is expecting Dawn and as a master blacksmith can craft her a sword right for the situation. He wonders at why Dawn should pay such notice to earth when there are far more interesting places. Dawn pays him with a tear from the eye she normal keeps hidden. 
On her way back she encounters The Atrocity once more but this time she has a question for him. What would it take to seal off a plane from the gods. He tells her its possible for all bar Death to be excluded and that it would take a life to make it happen... and to turn on her television. 
Back in reality Dawn is explaining this to Mary as she nurses her baby back at her home. Mary has an unhappy life and as a sixteen year old single mother was a witch with little conviction. They discuss the nature of reality and dawn tells her she as a goddess cannot have children. 
They go to watch Mary's wheelchair-bound mothers television and find the golden haired man preaching that "God probably hates you more than you hate yourself" from a room with Momma Never Loved Me scrawled backwards on the wall. Dawn taken-aback crushes the TV with her fist exclaiming LUCIFER!!  
The scene cuts to Raksas burning books on a small BBQ set. He is a fez wearing demon and script consultant to Lucifer. He lies on the phone to Lucifer about watching his broadcasts as an attractive human female sunbathes by his pool. Calling Lucifer a Paranoid Idiot when the conversation ends. 
Bonus Story: Jaynis Goldbaum's Last Dance.







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