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The next day Darrian wakes before Dawn after spending the night together and as she rises he sees her other eye for the first time. He tells her he has to be rid of the halo and will summon heaven and hell to him to make it happen. He tells her he knows he wont see her for a while when he leaves and Dawn confirms it.

Darrian stands in the shadow of the twin towers and clenches a raised fist. God and Lucifer appear before him, God demands the halos return making a slight at Lucifer as he does it. Darrian comments on how similar they look and recoils as they unite in rebuking him. Something Dawn once told him "Things only have the power that we give them" passes through his mind and without warning he smashes the halo. The two immortals seem satisfied with this and leave, the halo turned to gold.

Darrian pays for passage to Europa on a, converted to sail powered, aircraft carrier with the gold. He befriends the older captain with whom he has an instant connection. As they depart he sees the ruins of the cathedral through his bunks porthole.

Darrian dreams of Dawn asking him to break his fathers sword and wakes as he does so in a scene not unlike the smashing of the halo. He sits on the prow of the ship as it sails into a sunrise thinking of his father. In the sky a translucent Dawn rises from the horizon in a dramatic pose.







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