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The earliest records of Davros' life come from his childhood. He was born during the Thousand Year War between the Kaleds and Thals on Skaro. He once claimed his mother was the only person to have ever supported him, and others were often intimidated by his determination to go against his father's will by wanting to become a scientist instead of a soldier, like all his elders were.

Davros was eventually forced into the military to supply the Kaleds with new and efficient fire arms to fight with, and he was recognized for wanting no part of compromising with the opposing Thals in that war. Early into his scientific career he began experimenting with live organisms, ones with intelligence no less, and he even taught his experiments his name. His first project was not produced by a Kaled life, but he instead favored the use of a Thal brain.

Davros' life support chair

In one incident having to do with the war, Davros was mortally wounded by the opposing forces, and he was forced to live out the rest of his days on a mobile life support system. This life support system was mentioned to be vital to his survival, and that he could not survive any longer than thirty seconds without it's support.

Davros first appeared in the series in the TV episode Genesis of the Daleks in which the Doctor is sent back in time by the Time Lords to stop the Daleks from ever being created. When Davros meets the Doctor he is intrigued by his knowledge of other planets and galaxies. Davros forces the Doctor to reveal all the reasons for Daleks defeat in the future. He records all of the information but the Doctor destroys it with a detached Dalek gun.

When Davros dicovers that the rest of the Kaled scientists and miltary are planning to undermine him he calls them to a meeting where he plans for his new Daleks to exterminate them. This fllows through to an extent but the Daleks recognise that they are to be the superior beings and therefore obey no-one, not even their creator who because he is different must be destroyed. Therefore Davros was shot and apparently at that time dead.

Davros' next appearance was in the TV episode Destiney of the Daleks where The Doctor, K9 and the newly regenerated Romana land on Skaro. The Doctor recognises the landscape of the planet almost instantly and is weary. The Daleks take them prisoner and Davros' is discovered to have been preserved by his life support. The Movellans who are another robotic species dedicated to logic have come to destroy the Daleks. The Daleks are using slaves and the Movellans wish to destroy the Daleks with any means necessary even if it means destroying innocent life. The Doctor is protestant to this and tries to save the slaves for both the Daleks and the Movellans. Davros sends the Daleks on a suicide attack with bombs attached to them. The Doctor manages to detinate the Daleks before they kill too many people. Davros is captured and put into cryo-sleep.

The Daleks eventually liberate Davros after 90 years, with the hopes that Davros could find a cure for them for a virus that the Movellans used against them. This virus was mentioned to only attack Dalek tissue. Davros used this opportunity to study the Daleks while pretending to make them a cure to find a way to make them obey him again, however his plans were ruined when the Doctor's fifth incarnation arrived and tried destroying Davros once and for all... However he could not bring himself to do so directly. The Dalek Supreme who rescued Davros at this time then found out Davros' true intentions instead of finding them a cure. To escape with his life, Davros released the virus onto the ship and killed all of Daleks on board, and then he attempted to flee through an escape pod. Suspected, he was also infected at this time by this virus he was assigned to cure.

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