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Davide AICARDI, born in Italy in 1976, started his writing career in 2004 with the graphic novel Study 69. He continued with the comic-book series Wrestlers, the subject of The punishment of the Elohims (Martin Mystère) and with 3 volumes of the children's novels series Joe Carrot. For the magazine Mono he wrote the adaptation as graphic novel of Italo Calvino’s I sentieri dei nidi di ragno and the strip-rhyme The alien and Gualtiero. Thanks to this experience, he was approached by the film director Ermanno Olmi for a collaboration in the medium-length Attese collective (Ipotesi Cinema). In 2008 he scripted the short film About Messer Cavè, the artist. He continued writing from 2006 to 2010 for several TV series: Camera Café, Pilots, Don Luca, My Physicians, eBand and the international Disney's project Life Bites. Thanks to his eclecticism he also wrote different international animation series: The extraordinary adventures of Jules Verne, PopPixie, Birds Squad, Spike Team and Veggie’s Gang. He is author of the candid show Cupid and of the talk show Excuse me, are you in favour or against? In 2008, with Marco Renzi and OGM Animation Studios, he created the animated series Insert Coin, award finalist at Cartoon on the Bay 2009. He then became copywriter for MTV, scriptwriter of the satirical diary DiventOne 2012 and scriptwriter and supervisor of the web-com Gamers. His most recent creation is the comic-book series Extinction Seed (GG Studio) for the American market. Thanks to his accomplishments, Davide was invited to teach screen-play at the Comics School in Milan.

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