Turned out....than I thought.

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For me Batwing turned out a lot better than I thought it would. When I first saw it I was like "Oh great another Bat-character." Still I figured that I would give the title a shot, and I found myself really liking it. More than likely I will be picking up the next issue. How did everyone else feel about it?

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So far everyone I spoke to that read it loved it. So did I ^_^

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I had higher expectations than most and I'm glad I wasn't disappointed

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I wasn't really interested in it, so I didn't pick it up....should I?

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I 'm gonna pick it up

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@Baddamdog: It is my favorite of The New 52 so far. If you like comics having  jawdropping violence and a dark tone, this is the right comic to get. And the art is the best I've ever seen in any comic ever (except maybe J.H. Williams III).  
And the character also seems to be truly hopeful and genuinely wants to do good for the sake of improving the nation in which he lives. In that perspective, he's a lot less dark than Bruce Wayne is. At least that's the sense of the character I got from issue #1.
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What do you guys thing of it now? I just read #4 and to be honest its really letting me down now :(

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All 4 issues to me were great.... (well the art in 4 not so great but Origin story was cool) One of the hidden gems of the New 52.

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I stopped after #2, mostly due to budget issues. I'll pick it up in trade, most likely.

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How is this book doing now?

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@Kallarkz said:

How is this book doing now?

Great, 7 issues and I'm still loving it

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Batwing turned out great! I wasn't a fan of any Bat Family member until him.

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