Batwing ongoing...wait, what?

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“Batwing #1 is a series that spins right out of Grant Morrison’s Batman Incorporated storyline. This is the first time that we have an in-continuity black character wearing the Batman costume,” said Batman group editor Mike Marts. “Grant has provided us with so many new characters and concepts. He’s really just been a fountain of ideas and energy for the Batman group of titles. We have so many different cool things to choose from what Grant creates, and we go with what we think is going to provide readers with the most story and the most excitement. And with this, Batwing won out.”

i guess we noe wat grant has been working on now.

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This brings me hope that Nightrunner will not be forgotten, whoop

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So his name is Batwing. So at least some of Batman Inc is going to be canon I hope.

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@Adnan: i see your point with batman, dectective comics, nightwing, batgirl, batwoman, dark knight, red hood and the outlawes and possible spoiler/cass cain and tim books its looking a little crowded

this is prob the book im looking forward to least, ill at least give the 1st issue a chance.... if dc hasnt made me broke by then.

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@ComicMan24 said:
So his name is Batwing. So at least some of Batman Inc is going to be canon I hope.
Batwing and Nightrunner where the only ones I really liked, it is nice they didnt just act like it never happened though 
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I like it. I share concerns that there will be so many bat books, but I like it all the same.

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@spiderbat87: In which comics did Nightrunner appear because he looks interesting abd I haven't read anything with him in yet.
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I'm glad he is getting a series and I probably would get i, if DC Comics didn't put out 51 other series. He's a cool character, but I don't think I'm picking this up.

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He's EPIC, but he's french =( (No-offence to anyone =P)

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