Batwing gets ongoing series in reboot....WHAT?!

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What the hell?! This guy has been like in 2 issues, with barely any time to give me a reason to care about this horribly dressed bat-person, and he gets his own damn series in the reboot, but fan favorites Red Robin(Tim Drake) and Cassandra Cain are getting thrown under the bus?! Does DC ever actually LISTEN to its consumers?!
I've said this before, but I'll say it again, Screw you DC! Screw you and your half-assed, cash-grab reboot!

#2 Posted by thatlad (700 posts) - - Show Bio
I'm with you. Was listening to Judd Winick talking about diversity and I'm thinking WHAT ABOUT CASSIE CAIN MUTHA FUKA?!?!? Fucking DC why try and shoehorn an African character in there, what's wrong with static shock or tigra? Pandering garbage
#3 Posted by katanalauncher (963 posts) - - Show Bio

Because the creators feels the need to have a Black Batman, and there happens to be a African Batman in Batman Inc.

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