An African Justice League?

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So if you've read Batwing, you know that their was already an African Justice League, called The Kingdom, but they are as of now long disbanded with most dead. My idea, is that Batwing will put togeather his own version of the Kingdom.

We know he is/was already apart of 2 teams, Batman, inc and the JLI. In Batwing issue 12, he and the whole JLI go to Africa in order to take down a warlord (Lord Battle) and his team of Metahumans. This shows that there are times that Batwing does call for help, and now that the JLI is disbanded, he does not have a team to assist him. It would make sense that he would create a team of his own in Africa to deal with situations that he can't handle alone. There are also a plethora of really unique characters in Africa that could be on the team.

These would be the ones that need to be on the team:

Batwing: The leader/ Batman of the group, uses the computers and assigns the missions.

Vixen: Former team mate, very versatile plus a female.

B'wana Beast: The comedic character, who is trying to prove himself.

Congorilla: Have him be the grumpy old man on the team seeing how he was very old in the old DCU.

Doctor Mist: His powers aren't animal based which is a plus and he is already involved in the JLD, and DC loves having characters in multiple books.

Possible other characters:

Tabu: While she is connected to the Red, which DC loves doing with characters nowadays, her powers are too similar to Vixen's.

Flint: Plus side is that Flint is a Wildstorm character, helping the DCU/Wildstorm merge and her powers aren't animal based like all the others.

Catman: First hear me out, while he isn't a hero when it comes to people, he did dedicate his life to protecting the Big Cats in Africa. So, I could see him working with the team for an issue or 2 when the team goes after poachers.

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freaking computer froze and double posted

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I am hoping that if they don't cancel Batman Incorporated after Morrison leaves, they repurpose it with a kind of Bat-Team featuring characters like Batwing, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, etc.

But I'd be down for an African Justice League, just don't call it that, haha.

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An old topic so excuse me, but I like the idea. I think Anansi the Spider and potentially even Static could be members of this team, if they ever wanted to do an African Justice League.

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