LBCC '09: David Petersen Interview!

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Comic Vine interviews the creator of 'Mouse Guard'

The two Eisner awards that creator David Peterson received honoring his work on 'Mouse Guard' were certainly deserved. If you have yet to read his creator owned series, then you are really missing out on one of the most beautifully crafted and well written stories out in the market. I had the opportunity to catch up with David at the Archaia booth and we talked about the next installment of the 'Mouse Guard' books, what kinds of creatures we can expect in the upcoming stories, and the possible film adaptation of his books. I hope that David's interview pushes you to pick up the series in hardcover the next time you are at your local bookstore or comic shop, as I am certain you will enjoy the series!
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I'm definitely going to pick up the hardcover!

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still need to pick it much is it? about $25?
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I'm such a huge Mouse Guard fan.  David Petersen is the MAN.

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Wait, so Black Axe isn't a book that's a sequel to Winter 1152?!  OMFG!!!  I wanna know what happens AFTER that.  Then again, I guess it'll be good to know the origins of The Black Axe before he continues down the road past Winter 1152. 
I'm so so so so psyched for Black Axe...and it's all thanks to Comic Vine and Archaia!  
@crazed h3ro said:

" @Media_Master: still need to pick it much is it? about $25? "

Yeah, it's $25.  You can find the hardcover pretty easily for Winter 1152 at Books-A-Million.  The one in my hometown here (which is Waco, Texas...a nobody town) has three copies of it right at the front of the store. 
P.S. - I ABSOLUTELY have to get the Lieam doll...but hopefully... 

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