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David Hines once worked for GlobalTech a military research firm as a weapons engineer. While his Son was at school he was constantly picked on and made fun of by the other students. Eventually the son decided it was all too much for him and he committed suicide. The strain of their child's suicide caused David and his wife to have a divorce. The Divorce in turn cost David his job at GlobalTech. So David decided to take it out on students he deemed unfit. He took a job as a Physics Teacher at Reginald Veljohnson High School and started singling out students who seemed to be spending too much time at the mall or partying. He would abduct them, sedated them and then attach a bomb unto their chest. Once he was done he would dump them at public places, mostly malls, and when they woke up the bombs would go off. He was able to kill three students and was in the process of doing it to a fourth Derek when Invincible and Atom Eve caught up with him. Unwilling to go to jail Hines had a bomb strapped to his own chest and activated it in hopes of killing two superheroes. Invincible quickly grabbed him and flew him to a safe location where the bomb went off only killing him.

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