fedspaz's Daughters of the Dragon #1 - On The Run review

Daughters Number One

I picked this up in with a bunch of other comics and gave it a go.  First off... How could Colleen trash that Mustang.  You're killing me!  Such a classic car.  I about shed a tear!  
There were things I liked about this issue and some things I didn't (besides trashing a Mustang!)
 Lets get the bad out of the way.  First, the outfits... seriously.  There's no way they can fight the Rhino in those outfits without "throwing one out".  Maybe what bugged me the most is the size of Misty's breasts in this one.  They just seemed out of place and overdone.  I just struggled with it.  The bumbling villains were a minus and a plus.  Comic relief, but seemed like a bad joke.  I see the purpose of having that hapless crew, but was disappointed in them in general.
Now the good.  I liked the story, enjoyed how it moved along.  Not until after I was done did I notice it was written by Palmiotti and Gray.  Those two can write a good story.  It was gritty at times and entertaining at others.  Having the heroines riding cycles was cool too.
Now, I see this is a 6 issue series and the question I asked myself at the end was... will I go and try to find the other 5?  Tough call.  It's gonna boil down to this, I won't go out of my way to track them down, but if I can find the other issues at a bargain, I'll find out where this story goes.  If I don't, I won't lose any sleep over it.


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