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Like-minded women began joining forces to bring masculine symbols down once the males were wiped off the Earth. It seems that part of the initiation is to remove the left breast.


Written by Brian K. Vaughan and drawn by Pia Guerra.

Major Story Arcs

Run by a woman named Victoria, the Daughters of the Amazon are quick to get a bad reputation. It is rumored that they burn down sperm banks as a show of dominance over the recently departed men. Their goal is to purge society of man's influence. The gang even goes so far as to kill any trans-genders they find - women that have switched over to being men.

On one run, a group begins to deface the Washington Monument. They are confronted by Yorick and they attempt to kill him. They fail (thanks to Agent 355) but get word back to Victoria that the duo is headed to Boston. She gets a team together to hunt Yorick and it is headed by his sister, Hero.

While headed to Boston, a young girl is found riding on of the gang's motorcycles. They question her and she admits to getting it from Yorick's group. Victoria orders Hero to kill the girl. She does so, albeit reluctantly. The gang tracks Yorick to a train yard, where they learn that he hopped a train heading out West. Further, they learn that Yorick was kicked off the train near a small town in Ohio.

They reach Marrisville and spy Yorick. Hero approaches and demands Yorick be surrendered. The women on the town refuse but Yorick volunteers to become a prisoner. Before Victoria can kill him, however, Sonia, a girl from town, throws an ax at Victoria and kills her. Hero reacts and kills Sonia. The Daughters of the Amazon are then taken prisoner and put in prison. Hero escapes, however, using an old escape trick she learned from her brother.


After all the men die, the Daughters of the Amazon take on a role of being domestic terrorists. It is rumored that they mutilate their left breast by burning it off and for the purpose of shooting a bow and arrow more accurately. The gang supposedly burns down every sperm bank they can find. They also desecrate any memorial that lauds men in any degree. Any woman that pretends to be a man, or any woman that tries to defend the memory of men, is killed. Many women in the country have never met the Daughters of the Amazon, but the stories are enough to scare them a little into behaving a certain way.

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