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fierce, powerful, not the ruthless Dashtary always crave battle. Life for them - this is war, and not of their legion - the enemy.

They took the first blow of the divine army, when Satan rebelled against God and led his army to storm the Heavens.

with grim pride, bitterness and fierce anger Dashtary remember "battle at the gates of Paradise," which ended in their crushing and so far the only defeat.

since all of the lesser demons and to the powerful demons - they all constantly hone their skills by trying out new tactics and upgrading weapons, By participating in numerous military conflicts on Earth and in Hell, that would gather strength and knock out the gates of Paradise.


Dashtary symbol - a square. This gross and simple shape symbolizes the four principles of military legion: contempt of death, endurance, unforgiving and rage in battle.

inside the square apply personal emblem of one of the numerous military clans, on which are divided legion Dashtary. worthy of deemed two: Kohorov and Ragitov.

the head of the Legion - Avaddon Merciless.

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