The National Cathedral Is Strong With The Dark Side

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See anything mildly ridiculous? No, your eyes aren't playing tricks with you. That really is the head of Darth Vader on Washington DC's National Cathedral. Slashfilm reported on this early this morning and the temptation to repost was too great. At first, I thought this was some sort of weird vandalism, but this gigantic church, located in Washington, D.C., put the visage of Anakin Skywalker up there themselves, a few decades ago.  

  In the 1980s, while the west towers were under construction, Washington National Cathedral held a decorative sculpture competition for children. Word of the competition was spread nationwide through National Geographic WorldMagazine. The third-place winner was Christopher Rader, with his drawing of that fearful villain, Darth Vader. The fierce head was sculpted by Jay Hall Carpenter, carved by Patrick J. Plunkett, and placed high upon the northwest tower of the Cathedral.

It's pretty small though and the National Cathedral's website actually has a printable brochure to help visitors find the Vader-head on the church. 

That being said, what other national monuments or famous buildings should be "nerded up?" My vote goes to the Washington Monument, which should be one of the legs of Stilt-Man.
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Or the leaning tower of Pisa for stilt-man!
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WOW!!! thats really...somthing. ^_^
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It looks like it would be fun to climb.

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Cool. I never thought Darth Vader would be on the wall of a cathedral.
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That's cool

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Ha, that is cool... 
As for what should be   "nerded up" I vote a statue of Stan Lee somewhere on/in the Vatican Church. 
Or maybe Namor somewhere on the Empire State Building; just glaring down at the city =P

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@LordX1095 said:
"Ha, that is cool...  As for what should be   "nerded up" I vote a statue of Stan Lee somewhere on/in the Vatican Church.  Or maybe Namor somewhere on the Empire State Building; just glaring down at the city =P "

Not the Vatican but like the tallest building in the world gets turned into galactus
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I like the Namor idea.
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I want to see Spider-Man on top of the Eiffel Tower.

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I think they should put Magento on Mt. Rushmore next to ALF, Batman and Homer Simpson
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Why not use the Grey Gargoyle as well....a Gargoyle on a building?   Replace the ones on the Chrysler Building.     I like the Stilt-Man idea.....
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It's funny. This very picture was just shown on the Discovery Channel.

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lol nice

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WOW. this is so wired.

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Should've been the skull of the Punisher since he originally thought of being a priest Ha Ha
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@NightFang said:
"WOW. this is so wired. "

lol yeah I was completely surprised when I saw that picture. Grey Gargoyle and Gargoyle (Isaac Christians) would look cool on the Chrysler Building with the other gargoyles.
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Interesting to see...

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