The Empire Strikes Back...With A Laugh Track

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Normally I can't stand laugh tracks.  After a while, I sometimes manage to block it out.  I never understood the point.  Is the purpose telling when I'm supposed to find something funny?  Is the material not funny enough to speak for itself?  
I saw this following clip on the internets a week or so ago.  Imagine, Star Wars...with a laugh track.

I have to say that it actually works.  Seeing this scene with a laugh track did make me laugh.  Does this defeat all my years of being anti-laugh track?
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LOL. It gives the movie a whole new dynamic.

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That's Horrible, its made it all the more scarier. Though i did start to 'lol' at the laughs with "I am your father". It could also be seen as the laughter of the long dead sith lords mocking the last hope of the Jedi.

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It makes it very Python-esque, I think.  Wish they'd dialed down the volume on the laugh track just a bit, though.  Much too overpowering.

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Lol. Now thats just wrong.

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that was funny

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