Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Anakin Plays Cat And Mouse

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We all know that Anakin is a great leader whether it was as a General in the Clone Wars or later on as Darth Vader. In the next all-new episode of Star Wars The Clone Wars, Anakin will engage in an epic battle of wits and wills. Anakin will go up against the infamous Admiral Trench, a master strategist with the full might of the Separatist fleet at his disposal. Anakin is trying to deliver vital troops and supplies to the troubled planet below, armed with only his Jedi cunning and an untried stealth starship. Faced with nearly impossible odds and an undefeated foe, Anakin wouldn't have it any other way. "Cat And Mouse" airs Friday, March 26 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Cartoon Network.

“Right now, we are portraying Anakin as the hero that old Ben described in the original movie – a brave warrior and a great pilot,” says Matt Lanter (Sorority Row, 90210), the voice of Anakin. “I like getting to play the confidence in him – the cockiness. He literally thinks he always has the best plan, and can get his way out of any situation – and the cool thing is that most of the time he can. Yes, we definitely see some flashes of what’s to come. He has a temper, and he likes a good fight. But Anakin has a good heart and good intentions, and I try to bring that honesty to the character. He’s different from the Anakin we saw in the films; he is more likeable and swashbuckling at this point. I just try to bring out that confident Anakin – and I love that characteristic because it’s so much fun for me to play. At this point in the series, I would say he’s still a hero – but we are seeing more and more flashes of the dark side, and more of the temper which foreshadows what’s to come. Anakin wants to do what he believes is just and fair, but I feel like the entire Star Wars universe has shades of gray. The Republic isn’t necessarily always right and fair, and that’s why Anakin falls in the end. He doesn’t like to follow rules if he feels it doesn’t make sense to do so. For now, that turns out well, and he saves the day. Sometimes, it doesn’t turn out so well… ”

Check out the clip sent by Lucasfilm.
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Gee...I wonder if Anakin is going to die...
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I hope not!
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I really am enjoying this show, I don't get way a lot of people don't like it, it really is a good show.

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He was being sarcastic...
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aham anakin will die
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Isn't it sad that a cartoon based on a 2.4 billion-dollar movie trilogy (yes, I'm in the camp that sees Star Wars as two very separate trilogies) has superior acting and writing to said films (despite having A-list actors and years of pre-production?)

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@Red Rum:  i think they both were being totally serial.....
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@Red Rum said:
" @G-Man:   He was being sarcastic... "

Give him credit, he knows! That was always my old joke back when I'd be waiting in line for the prequels, "I wonder if Obi Wan's going to die" =P
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Amen to that!  The show is great, especially after that suck fest they called prequels.
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  Close you eyes and it sounds like a space battle between a Klingon Battlecruiser and a Romulan Bird of Prey.    

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@War Killer: I agree man, some people hate just cuz they can.
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ewwww this battleship submarine style of combat needs to stay on Star Trek and get the hell away from my Star Wars, I mean seriously Star Wars should be on a strict dogfight aerial battle diet only.

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cool villian

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@rudorudo said:
" @Red Rum:  i think they both were being totally serial..... "
If they were serious, they don't belong on this site.

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