'Star Wars 3D - Episodes II & III' to Release Back to Back in 2013

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There are many that don't really like 3D. With movies still being released in that fashion, there must be those that do enjoy it. Personally, I don't have a problem with it. I actually do enjoy it when used properly. Some movies are a bit enhanced by the process and balance between forcing the 3D (things shoved in your face) and those that are just converted with no noticeable difference. My only hope would be the movies would be brightened a bit so they don't appear quite so dark when wearing the 3D glasses.

Earlier this year Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was re-released in 3D. While we don't need to go into the specifics of the movie or the prequel trilogy, it was fun taking my daughter to see it in theaters. Today, Lucasfilm Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox announced when we can expect the next 3D conversions.

It's a year away but September 20, 2013 gives us Episode II and on October 11, 2013 we can watch Episode III. There are loads of visuals in these movies that will look good in 3D. And again, it's the opportunity to take your kids or younger siblings to experience in in theaters. I'm all for seeing Yoda kick butt with a lightsaber and the final duel at the end of Episode III.

From the press release:

Supervised by Industrial Light & Magic, the meticulous 3D conversion was undertaken by Prime Focus, the global visual entertainment services company. With their proprietary View-D™ process, Prime Focus transformed Episode II and III into 3D with the utmost respect for the source material, and with a keen eye for both technological consideration and artistic intentions.

For those not crazy about the prequels, we can hope these are successful enough to warrant the original trilogy to get the 3D conversion treatment so we can see those in theaters once again.

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Getting to see "NUUUUOOOOUUUHHHHH" in 3D?

Why not. :)

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Ugh...I just don't have it in me to give this franchise anymore of my money

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Maybe when 4,5, and 6 come out again, but not before.

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call me when the good ones come out

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".. with the utmost respect for the source material."


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hmm, at least 3 is coming out in 3d...

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As much as I love Star Wars my utter disdain for 3D on any film will again keep me away.

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I want to make a joke with Bat Cow and milking.

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Well, at least I don't have to wait for 2015-2017 for the original trilogy.

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screw 3d... If want to see the movies again I'll throw the DVDs in the dvdplayer...

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We must to wait a year?? it's a lot of time

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@RalfvdH said:

screw 3d... If want to see the movies again I'll throw the DVDs in the dvdplayer...

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the horror the horror

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Yuck , that is all

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I'm down! I love a chance to re-watch Star Wars in theaters!

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You too can watch Anakin. . . killing. . . Younglings in 3D :P

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Why can't they just release all the episodes every two months? I mean each episode in 3D in two months, allowing fans to watch the entire story in just one year?

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I just want to watch Star Wars in a theater without the enhanced special effects that they started doing in 97. The original Star Wars ofcourse.

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I will probably see 5. But then again..

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I really don't like 3D :/ I've never seen any movie where I felt it enhanced the process, with most (like Star Wars) its just layering thats added in post production and I think it looks kinda crappy, then of course the movies which are shot using 3D cameras have a bunch of shots designed just to show off the 3D and it tends to come at the cost of story, which is really crappy. I'm done with Star Wars though, I never even really loved as much as others did, I didn't even have any problems with Jar Jar Binks. It was anakins turn to the dark side that infuriates me. Its just bad writing :(

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I'll pass.

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People should not go see three dee movies unless they were originally made for three dee theatres. Anyone that goes to see this will just be feeding the greedy corporate machine, and further stifle creativity.

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I have forgotten about these two movies mostly since after seeing the third one I never want to see anything before the originals ever again.

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@Twentyfive: Or, you could just let people go do what they want with their money without trying to further stifle freedom

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@Narok24: Lol. I'm just saying...

Hollywood keeps re-re-re-releasing movies, and making sequel after sequel. They are afraid of original ideas because they think we won't like it. Until some indie movie comes out, and gets critical and box office acclaim.

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@Twentyfive said:

@Narok24: Lol. I'm just saying...

Hollywood keeps re-re-re-releasing movies, and making sequel after sequel. They are afraid of original ideas because they think we won't like it. Until some indie movie comes out, and gets critical and box office acclaim.

Saying they're afraid of coming up with original ideas is kind of a bold statement. Hollywood knows exactly what the people want, which is why they rerelease films and many go see them. If people pay for these films either on home media or by going to see them in the theaters, or even by seeing how many downloads their products get, then they see the demand and go for it.

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I'm going to watch it more for the chance to see it on the big screen again rather than the 3D

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I'm confused I thought they already announced that all 6 films were going to re-released in 3D with one each year. Why announce that II and III are coming out in 2013 and not mention IV, V, or VI like this is a completely new announcement and the first never happened? It was supposed to be: Episode I in 2012, Episode II in 2013, Episode III in 2014, Episode IV in 2015, Episode V in 2016, and Episode VI in 2017. Now its Episode I in 2012, Episode II and III in 2013, and who knows when IV, V, and VI will come out.

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@Omega Ray Jay said:

As much as I love Star Wars my utter disdain for 3D on any film will again keep me away.

I'm not a great fan of 3D either, after half an hour or so it gives me a headache so I don't enjoy the movie. However, I purchased a pair of 2D glasses (both lenses have the same polarisation so the both see the same image) and recently saw Spider-Man in 3D and used them and they worked perfectly. I swapped to the 3D glasses for some of the action scenes or when Spidey was swinging through the city, but watched most of it in 2D. I am really excited at being able to see Episodes IV-VI at the movies again, I will probably watch mostly with the 2D glasses.

This is assuming EP II and III in 3D don't completely flop and they DO release IV-VI of course.

I imagine II and III are relatively easy to convert as 90% of what you see on the screen is CG, just get the original CG images and tell the computer to retrace them with the virtual camera position a few inches to the left or right for the appropriate parallax. Eps IV-VI however would be tricky and probably won't look as good, but I'll be watching in 2D anyway, and enjoying seeing my favourite films in the cinema again.

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Finally George Lucas's original 3D vision of these movies can be released...

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Good, was wondering when we'd get to see the last two in 3D. Not that I'll see 'em of course but still, cool!

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Any Star Wars fan would jump at the chance to see Star Wars in theaters again in a heartbeat. 3-D or not. I haven't seen the original trilogy in theaters ever since the Special Edition came out over 10 years ago. 3-D or not, I'm going to see this..

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It's sad that these two movies in 3-D will make hundreds of millions regardless of how god awful they were.

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@Ugbug: Yeah I always end up with a headache to. Hmmm 2D glasses, not a bad idea.

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Triple feature...here we go!!

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I would go see them, but I stopped dropping acid ten years ago.

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in 10 years they're going to rerelease the marvel movies in 4d

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Great for fans who didn't get to see it on the big screen or for those who love 3D. 3D isn't my thing but I'm sure plenty will enjoy it

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Movies are best when it's seen in a movie theater!

I don't like 3D but I'm definitely going to see these movies!

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