Star Wars 3-D Movie Rumors

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Yesterday Market Saw posted on their blog page an 'exclusive' bit of information concerning the future of the Star Wars movies and also 3-D movies.  
The big piece is that George Lucas is getting ready to unleash a NEW trilogy of movies upon us.  Not just new movies but new movies in 3-D.  This is a separate notion from the current live action television show (set in between Episodes III & IV).  Apparently Lucas is still considering converting the original films from 2-D to 3-D.  The rumor is Lucas now wants three new movies that he would produce and not direct.  
It gets better.  Who would Lucas want to direct these movies?  How about Steven Spielberg?  Along with Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola was mentioned as a possible director for a future film.
Now let's think about all of this.  Logistically, how feasible is all of this?  There has been talk of doing 9 and even 12 films in the Star Wars franchise.  Those rumblings were eventually put to rest.  Lucas had stated that after Episode III, he wanted to move on to other things.  I think the problem was he was always so actively involved with his creations.  If another trilogy were to be made, where would it fall in the Star Wars timeline?  As much as I'd love for more movies, I just find it hard to believe this.
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So long as Lucas isn't directing I'm good. Though I wouldn't be too interested if Spielberg did it either. It doesn't have to be a big name directing to be good.

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This sounds okay. I hope it's not animated, Star Wars: Clone Wars is no way near as good as the live-action films.
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Well I think there was supposed to be 9 movies all along, right? The last three would pick up where they left off with Luke and Leia after Darth Vader died...I would definitely hope they make those movies in my lifetime.  
Don't care about the 3D stuff though.
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Niel Blokamp+ Star Wars+ a budget of about 100 mill= ULTIMATE OWNAGE 
Niel is a genious... 
anyone disagree?
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What new trilogy could they possibly do? If they convert the Zahn books into 3 more movies taking place after episodes four, five, and six, they would need to get completely new actors to play the rolls for actors most of us grew up watching and associate with those characters.
It's one thing to cast a very young Obi-Wan Kenobi (especially when it's such a good casting ike Ewan McGregor) but  a whole different matter to cast totally new actors for characters who are only supposed to living 10 or so years in the future from movies made in the 70s and 80s. I can't see how this will be well-received by the general public.
I say let the toy commerical-like, insipid, heartless, mindless franchise that Star Wars has become dwindle with the gods-awful clone wars series that should have been so much better (and was shaping up to be so when Geddy Tartakovsky was animating the 5 and 15 minute shorts on cartoon network)
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There should be a new trilogy where a different director does each of the 3. Tarantino on one, M. Night on another, and Ron Howard. : )

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I also find it hard to believe but it would be great if another movie set in the future timeline of Star Wars were made to make up for the crap-o-gasms that were the recent ones.  I think that had to do with Jar-Jar (like I need to mention it) and the whiney nancy boy who played Anakin.   
Again G-Man I think you're right this is probably rumor because 3-D is mentioned; yeah that's pretty much a red flag in and of itself.   Coppola?  Another red flag.  In fact I think the whole thing is starting to smell....
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They could pick up after 4, 5, and 6, when Luke establishes a new jedi council. Supposedly Leia becomes a jedi, and becomes married to Han Solo. And Sideous survived episode 6.

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@Mutant X: I say the problem with going after Return of the Jedi is the books have already gone about forty years after.  One character (I won't mention who) is already a grandparent.  They could go waaaaay after or even waaaaay before.  I just don't know if people would want movies without Luke, Han, Leia, etc.
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I love Star Wars, like seriously, but even i know when enough is enough

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@PrinceIMC said:
" So long as Lucas isn't directing I'm good. Though I wouldn't be too interested if Spielberg did it either. It doesn't have to be a big name directing to be good. "
Oh God, yeah... While I can't say I'm that bothered about seeing more Star Wars movies (let alone in 3D), I'd happily go to see them if Lucas wasn't directing.
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Its never good when a director turns becomes a tycoon.
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I am so happy Im jumping for joy.  My favorite of the star wars movies was the one he had the least to do with and that's Empire.  Now all the characters won't be acting the same dry way.  The last three that came out all had very plot lines to them, they were just badly directed movies with corny dialogue and bad acting from good actors.  When Samuel Jackson comes off as one demensional then the movie just sucks.  If not for the effects and the facth that there was no way a star wars fan was not going to sit thru a sequel/preguel and had to see how Vader became Vader, the movie just plain sucked.  Clone Wars has better acting in it and it's voice over work. 
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I haven't heard there was a 3rd trilogy and would like to know when Lucas quoted that.  It obviously won't be after Jedi because Carrie Fischer is like 450 lbs now and is whacked out of her mind.  I think Lucas should go for high profile directors, it would be great.  Just not Bryan Singer and Michael Bay.  Oh God. 
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GL has said before he'd like to tell more about Luke after Jedi and about the rebirth of the jedi, I'd be up for that. As long as he learned something from 1-3 and stops focusing on pretty things

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The new ones sucked...the only way they could justify this is by not pandering to little kids and trying to do it serious like the originals
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Please Mr. Lucas, no more. Leave Star Wars alone. 

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the rumor was already shot down 
Just as IGN was getting cautiously excited, however, we saw that AintItCool had quizzed Lucasfilm's PR department about the news. The studio had promptly nixed the gossip, telling the site: "We do not have any Star Wars theatrical movies planned."

So there's a 99 percent chance that said rumours were Internet-invented nonsense, but as it's Star Wars we thought we should let you know the latest.    

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@Kreatis said:
" Niel Blokamp+ Star Wars+ a budget of about 100 mill= ULTIMATE OWNAGE  Niel is a genious... anyone disagree? "
I want him for Halo. He was suppose to direct it =/
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The boys are back in town!

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Hmm.  Well I fully support Lucas not being in the directors chair.  3-D I'm not so crazy about; that dumb fad has gone too far as it is.  But really, there have been rumors about a third trilogy for years.  Smells like bull to me.

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if they do make another star wars i hope its either something entirely new, or about darth bane. I WANT MORE STAR WARS!!!!!

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A new trilogy could work if they made it take place 20 or 30 years after ROTJ.

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Not sure if want.

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I'm not sure if they should do another one. And if they do, please STOP MESSING WITH THE CLONE WARS!!!!!! the series are not even that good and they keep using them like it's a new franchise!!!!!!
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It COULD work, if they made it inbetween III and IV......
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@InnerVenom123: That's what the live-action TV show will cover.
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I think I have a stomach ache now.
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Time for something new...

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In short, No.

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Seriously?? Then what's left to cover?!?! Is Palpatine gonna have like an evil clone that rebuilds the empire?! lol

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Not sure if this has already been suggested but how about a new triology set in the future of the Star Wars universe? The events and characters and institutions we all know and love (for me, the Empire; damn rebels) will be established history and it would allow the film makers to make something new and exciting. Like the Dark Horse Legacy series I suppose. But no doubt it will be the same old crap. If it does go through, lets hope for no bloody comedy robots, child protagonists and... whatever else annoys people about Star Wars. And this is entirely seflish I accept but... make the movies for adults! Sod entertaining the kiddies. You can get their cash from crappy merchanidise like t-shirts and blankets and poorly programmed video games

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can't wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we need star wars legacy films will cade skywalker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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there are great stories about AFTER the last movie. One of the few Star War's books i can stomach is "I,Jedi" . Its about Corran Horn, a guy from Cor Sect ( Corellian Police type deal) and Rouge Squadron, who has to join the first class of Luke Skywalker's new Jedi Academy to learn to use the force so he can find his missing wife. The story goes pretty deep into those jedi who where stronger in some of the more obscure jedi powers and weaker in the main ones, something the movies and shows kindof glance over. there are also a few cool dog fights, and a couple of sweet fire fights, as well as apearances from familiiar faces like Han and Leia (and their kids!) and a tie fighter pilot who was in the movie, but his name escapes me.
 there are also the 3 books chronicling Han Solo's rise from street urchin to the exact moment before he met Luke and Obi-Wan. gives insight on those loves, friends, and enemies you always knew a guy like him had, but never got to hear about. (im not that big of a star wars fan, i swear. im just a big reader. in middle school when Animorphs ended, i had to find something interesting to fill the gap, and i kinda liked return of the jedi at the time...)
 the problem With a new Starwars movie is that it will be compaired to all the others. its not like harry potter or Star Trek where you can change the style of the movies. If they don't feel like Starwars movies, people wont accept them.
 But there are tons of good stories that could each easily flesh out a couple of seasons of a tv show.

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starwars centers around one basic element the that making things too simple? not really  the prequels are all about the SITH and the rise of the emperor and Vaders turn. the 4-6 are about the rebels taking down the empire which is basically SITH rule. More than that all movies focus on the overbearing and ever present evil of the darkside through VADER and Emperor.
All other sith that we have seen are not really importnant maul was cool but a joke and Duko was a pawn all the other sith of the starwars past were nothing since they wiped eachother out and really are not a threat to the jedi order. 
ONLY sideous is the major badass with Vader so you have to have these elements in another triligoy if not I dont see hows its relevent.
I could see something in the future where the origonal cast is all old and could play a part or just bridge the gap between 3 and 4 vader would be the main focus taking down whats left of the jedi and even use starkiller as major character.

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This may be good news. I hated the prequels and animated projects.

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Awesome I always wanted to know what happened after Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Before that what happened what was Luke Skywalker's life when he was a young boy not a grown Rebel Pilot, I'm getting sick and tired looking at Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker's life when they we're young. I wanna see Luke Skyalker and Leia Organa' s life when they we're young before Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope.

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Hm. I don't think they should make more Star Wars movies...
The only thing I would like to see is a movie based on Shadows of the Empire.
Dash Rendar ftw.

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