Best Viewing Order Of Episodes For New Fan?

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I grew up with Star Wars.  I'm old enough to remember seeing Episode IV in theaters.  My daughter is on the verge of turning 6.  Even though I've let her watch a couple when she was 2 (she obviously doesn't remember), I have to figure out which order to show her all the episodes. 

Traditionalists would say IV through VI followed by I through III.  Keeping in mind that she is still five, going that route could be a little confusing (although she is aware that the original trilogy has Luke and company).

Going in order, you see that the movies are really all about Darth Vader with his rise, fall and redemption.  Episodes I through III obviously have their flaws.  Also at her age, I don't know if I'd want to end on the downer of Episode III.  But then that means ending with the Ewoks.  Which could be better for her anyways.

What are your thoughts?

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I vote completely ignoring 1-3. My childhood (And many others) were great without those ones, and I found they kind of take away from the magic of the original trilogy.

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 I think showing it in order it would be a lot easier for you to explain. Such as hey that old man is Obi Wan Kenobi and that is what the baby form the end of part 3 grew up to be.

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This is why I'm leaning towards going in sequential order and not release order.  She's been watching "The Clone Wars."  She's seen a part of Phantom Menace and wants to see Anakin as a kid.  Ending with the "original" trilogy will push the newer ones further out of her mind.

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Since the newer ones are done with better technology she might get into it even more. By the time she see those too she'll probably have a vested interest and wont mind that 4-6 don't look as fancy.....some of my cousins made that argument when I tried to get them on it

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I didn't watch Star-wars UNTIL episode I came out, because I thought they were kind of boring, but episode I made me love it, So showing it in order (while explaining) would be the better option.

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Sequential.....I had too many questions the when I watched the OG 3. I was like "Who is that guy....why is he all F&*^ed up?"

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G-Man said:
"Ending with the "original" trilogy will push the newer ones further out of her mind."
Not if she's been watching Clone Wars. I would have said ignore 1-3 completely, but as things are, it makes more sense to watch the originals first. They are older, and the newer ones were designed to fit their story, not the other way around. Plus, seeing Anakin's development in 1-3 will completely ruin the character of Darh Vader in the original trilogy. Search your feelings - you know it to be true.
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Sounds like everyone's suggesting what I had in mind.  My wife (surprisingly) thought we should go in release order.  I know the die hard Star Wars fans say that's the way you have to go.  But I, myself, am willing to bend on this for her sake.

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DONT! make the fatal mistake of letting her watch the cartoons lol, they left my cousin all messed up.

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Here's a great song by a band called Center Divide.  Red LAMP was actually roommates with one of the dudes (which is how I heard the song).  I have never been to a Star Wars Celebration though.


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