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The Dart is Published by Fox Feature Syndicate in 1940's by Louis Cazeneuveas (the artist) and an unknown writer.  Caius Martius ancient roman superhero (pre-Empire), who used a sword and the super power of flight a.k.a. " darting " (as he called it) in order to smash ancient racketeers.  He got into the modern age when a sorcerer employed by the same evil racketeer boss name Marius cast a spell to make him dissolve into a flat stone.   He slept for over 2200 years in this state until the spell wore off on stone.  At this time the stone was display in an American museum.  Caius Martius emerged from the rock and fond himself in a strange time that is completely different form the one he'd known.  
Dart's sidekick is Ace Dart taught Ace the art of Roman wrestling and Darting

Dynamite Entertainment

Dart and ace were transported sixty years when they were captured by Fighting Yank and the Urn of Pandora.  When he was finally released he found that not only had time changed but that many of the people who were captured in the Urn changed mentally and physically.  Many gained new powers.

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