Review: Darkwing Duck #1

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Have you ever felt the urge to "get dangerous" with Darkwing Duck? Fans of the Disney Afternoon show and new readers can get reacquainted with the masked avenger.

The Good

As with all BOOM! Kids/Disney books, the art and color are top notch. If you're new to Darkwing Duck like I was (yes, I know it's hard to believe, somehow I just missed it when it aired), you can easily jump into the story and characters. Like the title suggests, Darkwing Duck has been out of action for a bit. Could there possibly be anything that would bring him out of retirement?
New and old fans will also be please with the (re)introduction of the key players. We see some flashbacks while also seeing what the heroes and villains are up to now. 

The Bad

Are you looking for Darkwing Duck in action? You're not really going to get much in this issue. It's understandable that being the first issue, the events need to be set up. This isn't a huge complaint. It does work on some levels. You don't necessarily want to jump straight into the action, unless you're already familiar with the character. 

The Verdict - 4.5/5

Even though I had never watched the cartoon, I was looking forward to this. I did see episodes of Ducktales before and had a feeling this would have been something I'd like. Again, how I missed it when it aired is beyond me. I mentioned the art and colors are top notch. We have a nice introduction to the characters and the story sets up why we haven't seen Darkwing Duck in action for a while (even if only comic book time has passed). While I would've liked to see more Darkwing action in this issue, everything is set up for next issue including an interesting cliffhanger. If you've ever watched the show, wanted to watch the show or have anyone in your life that would have liked the show, this is a comic you should pick up.
In case you'd like to see some preview pages:
 == TEASER ==

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I always loved Darkwing. I wonder, now that Disney owns Marvel if we'll ever see a crossover with a dumbed-down Howard the Duck. Trapped in yet another world he never made.
Or even better, Spider-Ham.

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Darkwing is awesome..i'll get number one just because of  that
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@The Hottness:
Just saw via Twitter that some stores are selling out. If they didn't order huge amounts, you might want to check with them. They should be able to re-order but then you'll have to wait even longer.
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Also, makes me wonder if he couldn't try flying, at least part-way. I know he's not depicted as having flight really, but he is a duck. Especially if he's not a domesticated duck bred for meat (that'd make the story much different!), he should at least have some capability.

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Looks really good. Never saw the show though.

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It has been a long time since I last saw Darkwing Duck. I am getting older.

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 when there's trouble you call D.W. 

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gotta love the cover 
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Ah... Such Memories of the Silver Age of Disney, before they became too desperate for making unfunny sitcoms to keep kid's attention. 


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Man its been a while since I got dangerous :)

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Just got back from the comic shop and indeed it was sold out! With the $3.99 price better I wait for the trade anyway.
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I can only let out a resounding... 

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Wow! talk about a trip down memory lane! I used to love this show. I remember it aired along with Talespin. DWD had the coolest rogues gallery. 
Now i wont be able to get the little jingle for the series intro out of my head! 

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Wow, I was actually almost sold on the Ducktales story in the Scrooge comic, but I might have to pick this up. I love Darkwing Duck.

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