News: Darkwing Duck / Duck Tales Crossover

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Let me start off by saying I love ducks. The riddler is cool, but there is whole universe of cool characters in Disney's treasure trove. 

Duck Tales #2 just came out the other day (need to get that soon) and Darkwing Duck #13 came out the week before (check out my review!). A Cross-over between these two series has been whispered about for several years now, ever sense Darkwing duck first graced tv screens everywhere  with former duckburg (and Ducktales) resident Launchpad McQuack. However, although there were some characters who appeared in Darkwing's home of St. Canard in his Television series who also appeared on Duck Tales ( Gizmo Duck, for example), there has never been an official crossover between Duck Tales and Darkwing Duck. Until now, that is.
Although we are only on Duck Tales #2, publishers always are working months in advance. According to Darkwing Duck Artist James Silvani (on his blog) in Duck Tales #5 we will see " the beginning of the great Duck Tales/Darkwing Duck crossover!" Here are the non-colored, inked covers for that issue:

What Force will bring this troop all together? Guess we'll have to wait to find out! 

 Needless to say, I am excited....

The more knowledgable fans would point out that Uncle Scrooge (one of the main Duck tales characters) did hire Darkwing Duck in Disney Adventures' story arc " Legend of the Chaos God" to deal with some...pick up and delivery, but there was never any intereraction betweeen the two.
How does he know about Darkwing Duck? 

  This is the funniest scene because of Launchpad's comment 
The only scene with uncle Scrooge / Darkwing. Also of note: Gizmo Duck and Fenton Crackshell are two different people in this scene when they should be only one
Update: here are the new offical colored versions of the covers. Really Cool. plus the description
Duck Tales #5 

Writer(s): Warren Spector
Artist(s): Miquel Pujol
It's the beginning of the crossover 20 years in the making! Launchpad is the CEO of a major corporation in St. Canard? The Gizmoduck suit has been taken over by a little girl? Has the entire world gone mad? It certainly has, according to Scrooge McDuck, and he's about to get to the bottom of it in Part One of the biggest event in Disney Afternoon Revolution history…The DARKWING DUCK/DUCKTALES crossover: Dangerous Currency! Brought to you by EPIC MICKEY's Warren Spector!
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The real covers have been revealed! cool!


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