Darkwing Duck Fan Club 2.0

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Hello and Welcome to the Darkwing Duck Fan Club (Take Two!).

Two years ago today, Methos (the user who has since disappeared to parts unknown) created the first Darkwing duck fan club. Now, rather than trying to resurrect that forum (see pic for what would happen), I thought I'd create it anew. A lot of things have happened in those two years. Firstly, less than a year after that post was created, I joined Comic Vine and soon after that (and of equal importance) Boom! Studios started publishing a new ongoing series based on the classic early '90s cartoon television series.

This new ongoing comic series, which displays the art of James Silvani and the writing talents of Ian Brill (a long with a host of others), is quite similar to the television series. Currently, the series has had three arcs in the its 11 (soon to be 12) issues including The Duck Knight Returns, the Crisis on infinite Darkwings and (most recently) the F.O.W.L. Disposition.

In addition to the ongoing series, Boom! has published a reprint volume of classic cartoon era comics staring the second Masked Mallard (Uncle Scrooge being the first). There has also been an annual co-written by the MASTER and Creator of Darkwing Duck, Tad Stones, which was in a word AWSOME!!!

So, without further ado, and after this long introduction: I ask you: what attracts you to this character (and or series)? Did you grow up with the '90s tv show? or did you just fall  (see picture on right) into the new comic series? or are you like me where you are in between (or both)?
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  I remember Darkwing Duck as a kid.  Good times, good times.

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Loved Darkwing Duck back in the day.  Even had and constantly played the NES game.  I haven't been reading the new series, but have been tempted.  Perhaps I will go on a back issue bender...
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Good theme song!

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@Watcherg6 said:

Good theme song!

Yeah, the show did have a wonderful theme song...

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Darkwing Duck is one of the better Heros! Ever!

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Man, I remember after Dark Wing's hey day he started coming on at like 3 in the morning and I would stay up late every night to see it and fall asleep at school the next day.

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