bloodwolfassassin's Darkwing Duck #18 - Dangerous Currency: Part 4 review

Let's Get Dangerous, One Last Time

I absolutely love Darkwing Duck and have loved it since I was a little kid watching the show. What's more, I've loved this entire series. It's been the most consistently good comic for over a year now. Sadly, it must now come to an end, but let me tell you, it goes out with a bang. Darkwing's nemesis and alternate universe doppleganger, Negaduck, has returned from his inter-dimensional banishment and is in control of the black slime that has enveloped all of Duckburg. Darkwing's lover Morgana also returns but at the cost of allowing Negaduck to enter their world. Now all powerful, Negaduck captures various characters from Darkwing Duck and Ducktales (which this issue is a crossover with) Scrooge puts in an emergency call to Donald of all people who rally's the citizens of the Duckburg to fight back. To counter, Negaduck merges with various villains of the Duckverse to form a single entity. All hope seems lost, until Morgana reveals that she's put a spell on Negaduck that will banish to the other reality, but only if Darkwing gets him to see "The Truth." What's the truth? Unlike Darkwing, Negaduck has no friends. Deep down, he's truly alone. Once he realizes this he is pulled back to the other dimension, along with the villains he's merged with. And so the series ends with Darkwing and Scrooge shaking hands as if to say, "Job well done."

What Works:

This is Darkwing being Darkwing and it's great, but there's more to that. You can really see how this character has matured over the course of this series. He deliberately frees Negaduck to save Morgana, but not because he's selfish, it's because he knows he can defeat him. He will never stop fighting no matter what is thrown against him. Also, the way he defeats Negaduck may sound cheesy, but here's the thing: The idea of Darkwing always being able to defeat Negaduck because he has friends and Negaduck does not has been a theme between to two throughout both the animated series and the disney adventures comic series, which I also read as a kid. In the end, it's really the perfect way for Darkwing to win.

What Doesn't:

My only real complaint is about the cover. What it leads one to believe is that Darkwing fights Gizmoduck in this comic, but really Gizmoduck is barely in it. This comic features a plethora of the worst villains from both Ducktales and Darkwing Duck formed into one entity of pure evil with Negaduck leading them. Wouldn't you think that would be cover worthy? This is the final issue afterall, let's get something a bit more epic.



And so this series that has brought so much joy draws to a close. This series was... IS truly excellent and is among the best comic title's I've ever read in my life. Hopeful, Marvel, who now has the rights to the series, will start a new Darkwing Duck ongoing one day. Until then the series is over and it was a hell of a fun ride. So, in honor of this series ending, I end this review with three words only: LET'S GET DANGEROUS!


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