the_poet's Darkwing Duck #18 - Dangerous Currency: Part 4 review

Is this the end of Darkwing duck?

I really hope not.

I just love his suit!

i want to share something with you all. I love Riddler, but the very first ongoing series which I picked up was Darkwing Duck. Do you have a favorite series which you collected from beginning to end? I'm sure you do. Darkwing Duck was that series for me. I started getting into comics in late 2009 and I joined this site in January 2010 (Nearly 2 years ago! god, I'm old, or I feel like it sometimes when people ask me questions about the site). In the time between then and June of that same year, I bought random Riddler comics to add to my collection. Also during that time, I met a good friend of mine who set me upon Darkwing Duck. I had gotten random VHS tape recordings of the show, but I had forgotten about them by the time that friend came along. You know of course that am too young to remember darkwing duck when it was on TV. With the pressure to watch the whole show, I devoured the YouTube recordings. By the time I was done with watching those recordings, I was well versed in the Darkwing Duck Universe.

Coincidentally, I discovered there was going to be a comic based on the show (this comic). I picked up the first copy of Darkwing Duck a week or two after it was released. At that point, I did not know anything about pull lists or stuff like that which would make my life easier. I missed the second issue because my comic book store ran out a week or two after it was released (I would later get a reprint). When the third issue rolled around in August, I went to the comic book store on the day it was release. After that release, I discovered I could request my comic book store hold a series for me and I didn't miss an issue.

With this confidence, I started collecting Batman Beyond comics (which coincidentally started a few months after I finished watching that series) and later even picked up Batgirl (the Stephanie Brown one which I found amusing against the regular bloody comics I saw elsewhere). I even discovered Comixology which made my life even easier as it told me when these series were released. However, through it all, there was Darkwing Duck. I got so many wiki points from this series from its arc and everything. I really think it is this series which got me to where I am today (#49! and a Community Star repentant).

The Arcs

From beginning to end this series was entertaining. The Duck Knight Returns brought the return of familiar characters. The Crisis on Infinite Darkwings brought the vast amount of cameos. I made a team to collect all those alternate Darkwings, which I called Darkwings of the Multiverse (a parody of Supermen of the Multiverse). I mention this team, because Ian Brill the writer approved of my work on it! I was also the first person to post a list of all those characters on the Darkwing Duck forum known as the Old Haunt (I'm sorry, to brag and stuff, I just like to explain how much of an impact this series was upon me) and even recently one of the Darkwing Duck comic creators referenced that list in a recent interview. F.O.W.L. Disposition had a wonderful parody of Cthulhu called Duckthulhu (it’s sad that I can spell the Disney version, but not the regular one). I showed it recently to Icarusflies (who is a Lovecraft fan) and she seemed to think it was cool. The Fourth arc of issues #13 through #16. It was a unique style against the other issues, because it was essentially one-shots (in fact, one of the new villains was called One-shot!). This arc (Dangerous Currency) is a great arc and is an iconic crossover.

The Art

James Silvani did a wonderful job with the art on this series. I loved his Disney character cameos did. It was fun to add them all. This issue, I needed Fesak’s help in identifying characters, because this issue’s cameos were more obscure Uncle Scrooge characters. We also saw the talents of: Sabrina Alberghetti (who also did part of the annual, in addtion to her work on the covers), Amy Mebberson (coverist), Lisa moore (a colorist), Andrew Dalhouse (colorist), Aaron Sparrow (writer), and so many other talented people (including Tad stones who actully created Darkwing Duck). I thank them all and wish them all the best!

I hope this doesn't spoil anything. I'm sorry. Just a great picture!

So this is it. The end of Darkwing Duck? We shall see…

Posted by Bloodwolfassassin

Darkwing Duck is one of my all time favorites and I hope the series sticks around, I've been a fan of the show since I was 5 years old and have continued to be a fan well into my 20's. I ask my peers if they remember the show but few say yes, so it's very comforting to know that there's someone else out there who loves to "get dangerous" as much as I do

Edited by kfhrfdu_89_76k

This was a really great...blogpost. Why didn`t you review the issue? Anyhow, really great.

I`m not sure if there is some series that I`ve collected all the way from number # 1, to it`s end. But I`m sure that there will be.

Seriously, this would work better as a blogpost...

But, it`s your review. You decide.

Posted by The Poet

@Bloodwolfassassin: Always nice to meet a Darkwing Duck Fan!

Posted by The Poet

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Well, I wanted to review the entire series and to do that gave my own experences to show why this was important to me and such. I guess it would work as blog post...I'll think about it...

The fact of the matter was that If I said anything what so ever about this issue, then I would spoil it all. I mean, the pictures were streaching it by posting them, but I couldn't resist. I was going to do a blog post AND a review of this, but I thought that this being the final issue I would change it up abit and reflect back.

side note: I got Fesak stumped for a little bit on some disney characters! that says something about some of Silvani's cameos! of course he figured it out after a little bit! Note to self, add Genie from duck Tales movie, Gizmo Duck's girlfriend and other chracters to site...

Posted by Trodorne

It makes me sad that this is the end of the Boom! studios run. It was really well done and they took care of the characters as well and fleshed out the world and made it more interesting rather than just campy. 
 If marvel does this, I just hope that they would treat the series with respect or even continue off from where Ian Brill left off. 
 The series itself had a great start at San Diego Comic Con when it first was really brought out for the comic fans and was selling out by the boat loads. While it makes sense for Disney to pull out and use its Disney and subsidiary companies with Marvel comics, But based on Marvels current track record in terms of treating characters with respect it remains to be seen. 
 Based on the fact that the series itself ended on such a high note, it would be any wonder at all if Marvel will even pick up the series as anything they might do would seem like less than adequate for the fans themselves. Though much of the future is uncertain all we can do is look back at this series and be in awe at the humor and much of the maturity that the series has gone through since first appearing back in the 1990's.
 Poet as I know how much of a fan of the series you are as am I I give this review 2 thumbs up. great review.

Posted by The Poet

@Trodorne: you have my full suport on all of those statements!

Thank you :D


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