the_poet's Darkwing Duck #17 - Dangerous Currency: Part 2 review

Da Da Danger!

With the second issue of the Darkwing Duck / Duck Tales Crossover (Dangerous Currency!), the action only heats up! (and that is an understatement if I ever typed one!). This is the moment I wish we could vote higher than just 5 stars...


So St. Canard is being taken over by an evil-inducing ink and only the combined powers of Uncle Scrooge and Darkwing…so yeah! There's a recap! Oh, and now our heroes are now going to the heart of all the evil to confront the villains!

Gosalyn and her interactions with Duck Tales Characters

someone has a crush...

When you read a crossover, you always look forward to seeing how writers portray characters interacting with each other. Gosalyn is a troublemaker and, when it comes down to it, the triplets Huey, Dewey and Louie are too. So, it makes perfect sense for them to meet. The triplets seem impressed with how Gosalyn handles herself and obviously are developing a crush on her.

The one interaction which I wanted more from was Gosalyn and Webby. They are both girl characters from male-based series, so I wish they get to talk to each other more than just three lines…maybe later :)

The Villains continued

Last time (in Duck Tales #5), I mentioned the female members of the antagonist group and two male villains. Today, I look at the male characters. Quackerjack has seen perhaps the most change in this series. In his appearances on the show (which this series is based on), Quackerjack was playful and in several ways: harmless. This series changed this. In this series, this deranged toy maker is mean and angry at the word.

The other unmentioned members of the Fearsome Five…er…four are Liquidator and Bushroot. Like the two the two other members of the group (and Beagle Boys) these two were super-evilfied by the Ink. Liquidator has these two arms which resemble water facets for hot and cold. I’m not as crazy with this evil-powerization, because he was powerful before (perhaps even too strong at times), but whatever. Bushroot has venus fly trap-like multiple arms.

The Phantom Blot’s role in all of this is sort of a mystery to me. I mean, he appeared on the tv show duck Tales for one episode and more recently appeared to be an accomplice of the new DW rogue known as Suff-Rage, but I have yet to see how he fits into all this chaos. He sort of acts like he is the leader and he uses other characer’s powers but really in it for himself. His behavior makes the fearsome Five compare him to Negaduck and makes them wonder why he is in st. canard. This is the question on my mind too.

Another question on my mind is how long this allighence will last. I mean, this is really four different interst groups: the fearsome five, the beagle boy composite, the League of Eve-IL and the Phantom Blot. Will Be interesting to see what happens…

Looking back to the beginning

One thing about this crossover which is depressing is that after it ends, the series will end as well. So, Ian is trying to rap up the plot lines at least until Marvel picks it up (*crosses fingers*). In this issue, Ian takes us back to the beginning by literally taking us back to where we started: the Quackwerks office where Darkwing (then just plain Drake Mallard as he had retired his alterego) worked. Through scrooge, we see the situation in a whole new light.

Launchpad’s Dalima

All you have to do is look at cover B and you know Launchpad has a problem. What if he has to chose between being a pilot for Uncle Scrooge while treasure hunting and being a sidekick to Darkwing? What if he has to give up one city for another? How can he choose between St. Canard and Duckburg?

Cameo Counter

If Duck Tales #5's art was great, then this issue was supercharged. Artwise, this has to be the best I’ve seen thus far. Silvani seems to be pulling all the stops here and that goes for his numerous disney character cameos! There are a monster load of them! So here is a sample:

  • Ma Beagle
  • Oogie Boogie (from nightmare before christamas)
  • poisoned apple with crow from sleeping beauty
  • Woody (from Toy Story)'s hat
  • Jack Sparrow's compus
  • Mad Hatter's hat (its in one of the pics I showed actully)
  • Peter Pan's hat
  • "Drink Me" bottle from Alice and Wonderland
  • Cinderella's shoe
  • The doll Lilo had at the begining of Lilo and Stitch
  • Goofy's hat
  • jiminy cricket's hat and umbrella
  • Kusco's crown

To say the least. and to add onto that, at the end the triplets and Honker have been evil-ized by the ink and their appearences are based on disney characters! Such as Dewey turned into Monstro (the whale from Pinocchio), Louie into the dragon version of Maleficent, Huey into Chernabog and honker is a giant (I don't know where he's from...).


This is a great comic and look forward to reading more! oh, and this happened...

So, nothing happened in this comic....

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