Will darkseid Return?

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Does anyone think that darkseid is dead for good?

If he does come back will he be more or less powerful or evil?

Would the final Crisis happen all over again?

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Of course he will. Right now he's on a well earned holiday. Villain of that magnitude never stays dead.

#3 Posted by DEGRAAF (8346 posts) - - Show Bio

will he come back more or less powerful and evil?

If he does come back will it just turn in to another type of final crisis?

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@AtPhantom:  think he'll come back as a black lantern ??
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Omg chris said:
http://www.comicvine.com/solomon-grundy/29-8342/grundy-a-black-lantern-yesss/92-399131/#2This is one power house packed lantern group.Grundy, Ultraman, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman (so so charcter to me), batman, Superman from ... [more]
they can if they want to but that would be too much over kill omega beam enhanced with black power ring not to mention darksied phsyical strength was already high enough imagine with a ring on... but what i dont get is how are they bring bruce back his body is dead yes but his mind is lost in time it wouldn't  make much sense

yea i get what ur saying but it would be like the revenge of darkseid. The up rising of darksied against  Scar. Plus is they bring him back maybe he wouldnt be as powerful on his own. Plus if they are like zombies than he will be controlled and used as an ultimate weapon. i would like like to see his possibilities and limits if that happened. i would love for him to come back as a black lantern.

So bruce's mind is somewhere else but his body is dead? i thought it was a total transferance of body and soul with someone else. Plus if they wanted to Darkseids body and soul are separated. They can bring back zombie Darkseid and his dead soul can be put in to Bruces body. Sorry but i reallywant darkseid to come back during this. they can bring back anyone that was killed in the entire history of the DCU. They should bring any gods that died back as black lanterns

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Omg chris said:
@AtPhantom:  think he'll come back as a black lantern ??
Not a chance. This early it would be the ultimate disrespect towards the character. Besides, I think he's too powerful to be revived by a black ring.
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2 years from now it will be an avatar

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geraldthesloth said:
2 years from now it will be an avatar

#9 Posted by geraldthesloth (32689 posts) - - Show Bio
geraldthesloth said: 2 years from now it will be an avatar what? [more]
Everytime something happens to darkseid it turns out to be an avatar.
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im still not understanding. i feel like im jsut dumb right now. you mean they will say it was someone else and not really darkseid? That seems pretty hard to believe since he was the main villain for the whole Final Crisis

#11 Posted by DEGRAAF (8346 posts) - - Show Bio

i seem tonot be the only one thinkin this is gonna happen. There alot of sites out there questioning this.

#12 Posted by Omg chris (1603 posts) - - Show Bio

of course darseid coming back i mean his the most reconized villin in dc he will be back and stronger then ever maybe stronger than pre crisis darkseid (joking) but he will be back XD

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It's mainstream comics. Of course he won't stay dead.

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I think many fans would be upset if he were to die off, just like many Batman fans would be upset to see the death of Bruce. But I think that it works out well for both characters in that while it is very well documented that Darkseid "killed" Bruce,  Bruce "killed" him as well so I think it satisfies both camps. I am a huge Batman fan, in saying that, I would be very disappointed if Darkseid were to not return because I believe he is the most awesome villain in the DC Universe.

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Darkseid deserves at least 2-3 year break. Or until they actually start releasing stuff on the Fifth World.
P.S. Super Young Team sucks ****, they are the worst choice to be the Forever People.

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How much imagination went into the creation of Final Crisis? Did people write down idea's and just throw them in a hat? WISH MACHINE.......i think they did. How about a green lantern steaking the dark monitor in the heart, well i never knew the monitors were so easily killed NO WONDER THE ANTI MONITOR WAS NEVER DEFEATED IN CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS..............nobody had a steak.
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@DEGRAAF:   Well, Darkseid's death this time around DID seem pretty definite, his body wounded and poisoned then destroyed and then his soul being torn asunder, HOWEVER, I wouldn't say its impossible for him to return, given the notoriety of how A-List supervillains tend to bounce back from everything no matter how certain their final defeat appeared to be.  However, since Darkseid's such an epic villain, he probably won't return for a while, probably not until some big special event or saga, but when he does finally return he'll undoubtedly be as powerful as ever, if not more so, perhaps after a long period of recovery from what he was put through (i can picture there being a storyline where the heroes of earth must race to stop Darkseid's revival).
Also, there's the White Lantern Entity from Blackest Night to consider...If someone harnessed its power they could easily revive Darkseid (since the Entity is the source of all life in the DC Universe).
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I really hope that Darkseid doesn't return for a long time. If he comes back like 3 or 4 years after Final Crisis, it would be terrible. Barry Allen's death was epic because his death lasted for like 20 years. Gwen Stacy's death was also epic because she didn't ever come back. I think Darkseid should remain dead for at least a decade before they decide to bring him back.

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He'll be back after Geoff Johns is done running the DCU and they let Grant Morrison do another event.

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he has to come back...he fights the legion of superheros in the future.

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