When Exactly Did Orion Kill Darkseid?

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In Countdown Orion killed Darkseid, but in Death of the New Gods Darkseid is Still alive and fights the Source as an equal. In order to fight Darkseid the Source resurrects Orion because he can tap into the same power source as Darkseid. My question is how was Darkseid still alive after Countdown?, Did Orion only kill an avatar of Darkseid?, or is his death in Countdown no longer canon?

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It's all a huge mess. Many people try to forget about Death of the New Gods because of the issues it had like the way the New Gods were depicted and all. I think it also created continuity issues.

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Darkseid is immortal.  He can't "die".  He can be put down for awhile; but he can't be killed.

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