What Is The Extent Of Darkseid's Power?

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1. How powerful is he?
2. What can he do?   
3. What can't he do?

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1- Highest Tier sky-father that occasionally steps beyond that like in Final Crisis or Pre-Crisis
2-Almost anything with time except defeat enemies and concepts over him in power
3-see above

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Modern day Darkseid's power is pretty much skyfather level if he's being written the way he should be written - which is as a New Gods villain and NOT as a Superman villain. He has physical strength and durability that surpasses Superman's. He possesses telepathy and telekinesis. He also has the omega force which allows him to create the omega beams which are really powerful energy blasts. The most powerful aspect of the Omega force is the omega effect which when he actually uses it, meaning not as just regular energy blasts, the omega beams will either teleport, transmute, or erase the target. It can also send the target  to the omega sanction which is a series of alternate realities with each being worse than the last. He can project the omega beams or effect through either his eyes or his hands. Also any victim of the omega EFFECT can be brought back by them. In fact, he often uses the effect to punish his subjects like Desaad and Kalibak and then revives them afterwards. Also, the omega beams can change direction in midair and can also go through matter and energy. In one issue, when he targeted Superman with the beams, the beams went around everything and even went through objects without harming them while they were chasing Superman, and when they finally hit him, he was instantly teleported to Apokolips. Darkseid can also open boom tubes under his own power. Hope all this helps a little bit.

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