what if darkseid lives in the Marvel

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will he stopped by Hulk, Silver Surfer or Avengers etc

and what will be his relationship with this heroes and Villains




Dr Strange

Silver Surfer


Dr Doom

Fantastic Four


Adam Warlock

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Would he be portrayed as he is supposed to be, or the watered down junk many people are used to?

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Stan Lee would've taken credit for him.


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@ruler: Well he would constantly manipulate and use



Silver Surfer

Adam Warlock

to get them to serve him and try to find the anti life equation through them.

Probably would kill Dr. Doom after he tried to take Darkseids power for himself but his plan failed.

I think he would either shield himself so Galactus can't find Apokolips or make a deal with him.

Probably would kill the Fantastic Four with his Omega Beams, when he tries to take over Earth. He would also kill most of the Avengers. But tney would out maneuver him and send him through the boomtube back to Apokolips.

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I think if Darkseid was in Marvel, he would change his name to Thanos. Loljk

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Darkseid and Thanos begin discussing plans to take over the universe.

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marvel is an easy place to take over the world so the world will be his in about 2 weeks

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He does, he's called Thanos there.

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Hulk - kill or manipulate. Hulk can't escape the OE or the OF. He ain't superman or a new god so I don't see him deflecting the OB. Also not as strong. Plus is pretty stupid so DS could use him. quite directly. Use OE to control Hulk. OE has full control here.

Thor - easy kill or manipulate. Or both. that's an easy way for DS to kill off Thor and Hulk. But won't use OE to control to manipulate. He'd talk and influence Thor. DS is one hell of an evil schemer.

Odin - would avoid. DS does not like to go straight into a fight with beings on his level or higher. Odin has more feats and experience than DS. DS would find ways to use Odin indirectly though and then find an opening to kill Odin. Odin's way to dangerous for DS... Needs to be taken care of.

Dr Strange - kill

Silver Surfer - easy manipulation and then kill

Galactus - hard manipulation but will use him directly for DS's search of the ALE. out of DS's league

Dr Doom - pretty easy kill. one zap of the OB and his dead

Fantastic Four - another easy kill. a shot from Apok to Earth and boom! dead. but franklin would prove to be too powerful. Franklin would def be manipulation

Thanos - friends. Both help each other out. They'll need each other.

Adam Warlock - manipulation... don't see how he can escape the effects of teh OE.

I can see DS destroying or ruling Earth less than a week here. No New Genesis gods or the usual justice league troop to counter him. I just don't see anyone escaping the full effects of the Omega Force in the Marvel U Earth... He could manipulate key players and then take control over the situation rather easily. Then give the final blow into decimating earth or controlling it... His search for the ALE or other forces might be easier in marvel U. marvel U is in danger with stuff like HOTU, Infinity Gauntlet, Cosmic Cubes, and Power Cosmic laying around for DS to wield.....

And don't forget DS's size manipulation as a New God. His powers multiply as he grows into a cosmic sized giant alien god.

Marvel U is unstable cosmically and DS would just mess shit up qiuckly. But then we have Thanos to be Marvel's DS minus the low jobberseid feats.

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Can never be stopped since Orion wouldn't be in the Marvel Universe :O

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@sinestro_gl: Well I call bogus on that. Orion and DS relationship only works in DCU multiverse. IT's the prophecy.

In Marvel, we are revealed to nigh-omnipotent beings like galactus, franklin, eternity, beyonder, death, Thanos (pumped up versions of him), Celestials who can defeat or match DS. DS's powers are through the roof, yes but he never uses them... He's very cunning. His intelligence is far more "powerful" than his true powers anyways. So I guess beings like Galactus is not enough to counter DS. DS could always find a way out.

BUT if all omnipotent beings decide to take out DS cus he's too dangerous, DS is fucked in less than a second. from Odin to Ashum the Celestial. Curbstomps DS

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Would he be portrayed as he is supposed to be, or the watered down junk many people are used to?

Can never be stopped since Orion wouldn't be in the Marvel Universe :O

Id say these basically. And I realized last night, that even though the Justice League 52 version was "powerful", he lack nobility and regality. He was a growling beast. He shouldnt want to get his hands dirty, and should be such a great tactician, he doesnt have to.

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Darkseid: Thanos... I am your father!

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@juliustakalua: Nah, Darkseid would still find a way to screw them over. As he did when a sqaudron of Green Lanterns came to Oa to dispose of him...but he took care of that.

I'm not saying he's more powerful than all the characters that you've mentioned...but Darkseid has found many ways to escape certain death, emerge victorious and kick his captors in the balls.

...and besides, my comment was supposed to be taken with a grain of salt.

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@sinestro_gl: ok that's fine but we know more about Marvel's cosmic entities, and how powerful they are. An army of omnipotent beings vs DS is no match... I don't see how DS could get around THAT. Not as in a straight up battle (he'd still be screwed) but as in a sort of 'war'. No way he would get around that big a problem. Unless he decides to take them out one by one before these beings go to war on his ass. But how far would he go? even two of these beings could mess him up.

And what if we're talking about the Living Tribunal? One day LT goes, "hmm... DS is trying to unbalance the multiverse. Screw him. I'm gonna erase him out of existence"

That's the thing about DS, he just won't be able to exist in the Marvel cosmos. He'd get noticed too quick by the likes of LT and below (or above...)

*EDIT: But if DS went against any of the characters ruler is talking about, DS would kick their asses rather easily.

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I heard that he was originally suppose to be a Thor villain and would have been the leader of what was effectively a variation of Asgard but instead of being based on viking mythology they would be gods based on modern society.

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@juliustakalua: He fukin fought the Phoenix and lived! Thats more powerful than the infinity gems

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@hart7668 said:

I think if Darkseid was in Marvel, he would change his name to Thanos. Loljk


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He would die on the first day, and then spend the rest of his life next to other jobbers named Rhino, Apocalypse and Terrax

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