Questions about Darkseid's Smallville appearance

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Ever since we saw Darkseid's first appearance in the Season 10 premiere, I wasn't too happy about it. After all, he's a major villain in the DC comics. But his interpretation in Smallville didn't quite work out. When he got out of the portal where Zod and the other Kandorians were sent to another planet. Darkseid appeared as a puff of black smoke. Now let's say that Darkseid hasn't regained his full body yet. He sure will and fight Clark Kent in the series finale. But there are questions left to be answered for this version of Darkseid. What do we know about this Darkseid so far? So far he only appeared in 3 episodes. We'll look back at his appearances these last season episodes, Lazarus, Supergirl, and Scion. 
Now we all know sometimes the interpretations of numerous DC characters won't work out well. Most of the characters were ok. But what about the major villain in the DC universe? I was suprised that Darkseid is nothing more than a black smoke from a bottle. His appearance looks quite similar in comics. But where are his red eyes? No Omega beams? Maybe the next episodes will show that he will develop this power once he regain his full body. There is one question though. Why did he came to Earth? How did he know that he will eventually find someone so powerful as Clark Kent? What happened to his home planet, Apokolips? Wouldn't he stay there and wait for the full-scale invasion on Earth? Instead he was wandering in his smoke form around the galaxy looking for Clark Kent.   
Assuming that Darkseid never did came from Apokolips. This version of Darkseid was just a dark force entity. Jor-El did mention about this darkforce which will corrupt Clark and shatter his destiny. What does this mean? Did Apokolips ever existed in the Smallville timeline? Amanda Waller of the Checkmate organization did mention Apokolips from Season 9. Did Amanda meant to say Apokolips or Apocalypse? What about his true form? In Supergirl, he possessed Glorious Godfrey's body and was about to enter Clark's body. But Kara managed to prevent it from happening. What was Darkseid trying to accomplish by possessing bodies? Was he trying to regain his true form? 
In Scion, we also see his appearance near the end of the episode. Here, we see Earth-2 Lionel seeing Darkseid for the first time. Now you can see that Darkseid almost had his rocky form and including his red eyes. But where was Darkseid all this time? Was he with Granny Goodness and Glorious Godfrey preparing for the upcoming battle against the superheroes? We saw the Female Furies being trained by Granny back in Abandoned. Will Darkseid lead these Furies to battle Clark and other heroes? Will Darkseid use the Anti-Life equation against humanity? We did see the Omega symbols branded on humans' forehead which they became Darkseid's followers. What's going to happen between Lionel 2 and Darkseid? Will Lionel 2 make a pact with Darkseid so that he can retake his business empire which he just lost? Or will Darkseid possess Lionel's body to overlook the destruction or conquer of humanity? We also see Lex Luthor's tombstone where Lionel was standing at. At first, we thought that Lex would come back as a clone known as Alexander. Instead, he became Conner Kent who was created from the DNA of Lex Luthor and Clark Kent. Will Darkseid somehow bring Lex Luthor alive from his old grave? Does he have the power to do that? He sure is a strong and powerful villain. But would he actually accomplish the task so that Lionel would be happy about it? 
All these questions may be answered in the end. But we're not sure what will happen to Darkseid. How can a darkforce entity be defeated by Clark? We all know that Clark has to defeat Darkseid so that he will become Superman one way or the other. So far, Darkseid wasn't a major character since he only appeared in 3 episodes. He wasn't like Major Zod of Season 9. When Darkseid was announced as a major villain in Season 10, we expected that he can somehow appear in several episodes so that we can see what makes him tick. Because non-DC fans won't even know who this darkforce entity is and where did he come from. 
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Smallville is terrible, as much as I try I just can't watch the series
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Smallville will probably answer it's questions. Unlike other shows (thinks about Lost and cries)

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It never did answer the questions and this version of darkseid is a joke of a villain. The DC version is just awesome, he's a warlord that could crush entire armies just by looking at them and crush super powered beings with his bare hands. This one is just a cloud of gas who takes over bodies and influences people. This is why so many people hate smallville, sure its a different universe and they interpret characters in a different way, but it doesn't mean it has to suck.

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