Off A Fans Mind 1. Superhero Battles. (StevenQ)

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So This Is My First Addition and I hope you guys Enjoy.  
I Started Reading Comics When i Was About Seven. My Dad Gave Me Amazing Fantasy #15 as my first comic and from that moment on i was Hooked. 
  As I started Reading more and more comics i started to think what would happen if superheros fought? Its A Idea That Always got me thinking when i was young, Superman vs Spiderman? (Hey, i was Seven lol) Wonder Woman vs Ms Marvel and many more just plagued my mind!. Even Though I am older now and i have seen Many Superhero Battles, Something Still bothers me. Can You Really Compare Two Superheros? Especially when you have things like battle forums on here? Dont Get me Wrong, I love Reading What People Think and give there opinions, but Can u really have superheros fight when there power levels and writers are so inconsistent? For Example While One superhero may be strong in one series , another writer takes over and makes that superhero either stronger or weaker. Its All Fiction so things are always changing. Maybe Im Putting to much thought into this and i probably am, but What Do you guys think? Can you really argue about who would win when none of us really are sure? It pretty much depends on what the writer wants to do.  

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Well, most people base who would win off of their feats and how regularly they do them. We usually ignore showings for characters when they don't really seem to go along with what they usually do or have no basis for why it happened like if they got a power up or got weakened. While the writers' decisions really affect what characters are capable of doing and while they do change, many of them usually try to be consistent with one another from what I've seen. It's considered bad writing when something happens that contradicts what the character is mostly written like. I hope what I've said helps out a little bit.

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Also, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this topic.

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