Is Darkseid Getting A New Look?

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Darkseid, by Stjepan Sejic
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From head to waist the art looks great. Now the rest down to his feet, kinda ruins it, even thought it was drawn that way intentionally. I like it, but it's not that different, except the cloth part dropping way down under his belt, and his suit looking kind of armory. I get a Turner vibe from it, especially the head part. Is that picture new? Please, bring that SOB back

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It looks good. So he is back?

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it looks good but i prefer his classic look....makes me wounder if marvel is going to do something simuler to thanos soon hmmm intresting..

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I hope Orion gets a similar makeover.

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i really like it, looks awesome

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I instinctively thought of Megabyte from Reboot

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